atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2238: Prepaid wireless ISP thingy

While at Walgreen's today to get my pic taken again for my FOID card application I had occasion to look at the wireless ISP thing again.

This is it.

The only denomination of airtime card I saw there was $25, and it was good for 250 MB and 30 days of service. So it's $0.10 per megabyte of data transfer, up or down.

No idea how long that would last if I were playing WoW, but that's less than one episode of anime downloaded, depending on the format. I don't need this, but it's nice to know such a product exists.

Anyway, there was someone with a functioning brain working the photo counter there today--same location as the last time I tried--and he asked me what kind of ID I needed the picture for, and when I said "FOID card" he nodded, got what he needed, and took the picture.

I waited a fraction of the time for this photo that I waited for the other one.

* * *

After posting the last post, I fell asleep, with the contact lenses still in. So my left eye feels a bit irritated. That's okay; I had to remove the contacts to get the glasses fit, anyway, and I won't be wearing the contacts again until tomorrow at the earliest. Now I've got the new glasses on, and everything is crystal clear.

The nice thing is, they look a lot like the old pair. They're not the same, but very similar. There weren't any "gunmetal" frames, so I got brown, and it looks fine.

I'll have to make one more trip to Lenscrafters to pick up the boxes of contact lenses.

* * *

Putting in contacts, taking them out again--it was like riding a bike for me. I hadn't done it since 2002, yet *bloop* in they went and *bloop* out they came, easy-peasy.

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