atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2249: Tuesday's power failure

While running errands Wednesday I found the source of Tuesday's power failure.

Down by the viaduct on Route 1 there's a ComEd truck holding up a broken telephone pole. Looks to me as if someone did something stupid, ran off the road, and into the pole. It's shown by the red dot in the following image:

This explains the 45-minute power failure and (unfortunately) the sirens immediately after its commencement.

Union Avenue intersects with Route 1 right at the viaduct, and it's a pretty shitty intersection. Southbound traffic on Union Avenue has a stop sign, and you have to creep forward and lean forward in your seat to get as much of Route 1 into view as possible; then--even if it's clear--you have to gun it just in case someone is coming around the corner.

Problem #1: people go around that curve like it's turn 4 at Indy with the checkered flag out. It's a 30 zone. Steger cops used to be legendary for ticketing anyone going 5 over the limit; now I routinely get tailgated for going "only" 35 through that zone because everyone else seems to think that "SPEED LIMIT 30"="SPEED LIMIT 40". (At least when there are no police around.)

Problem #2: an ever-increasing number of people think that if there are no cars in the intersection (and no police around) "STOP"="SLOW DOWN BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO STOP".

Problem #3: Starting about 300-400 feet south of the viaduct on Route 1--about where the red line is--is a 40 MPH zone, but people coming out from under the viaduct seem to think that the 40 zone starts as soon as you've passed it. Depending on the capability of their cars they may be going 40 before they even start the turn.

...combine these and it's pretty easy to see how there can be accidents at that intersection.

All that had to happen is for Idiot 1 to come screaming around the turn at mach nine while Idiot 2, thinking the intersection would remain empty forever, doesn't bother to stop for the stop sign. Idiot 2 runs into Idiot 1, whose car careens off the road and into the power pole.

The broken pole has already been replaced with a good one, so I have no idea why the broken one was still being propped up. Oh well.

* * *

Man, it's actually chilly in here. Of course, in 2-3 months I'm going to be annoyed when it's only this warm....

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