atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2253: What the--? Is it Saturday ALREADY?

Damn it to hell, this is getting ludicrous.

For the past week at least, my sleep schedule has been completely whacked. I wake up around 5 PM and I'm up for a few hours before my eyelids turn to neutronium and I cannot stay awake any longer. I fall asleep; I sleep until 2 AM, and then I am WIDE FRICKIN' AWAKE until 7 AM, at which point I fall asleep again.

...and sleep until 5 PM.

First off, it's too much damn sleeping for too little awake time. Second, it's inconvenient as hell because I can't get anything done like this.

So last night, I decided, That's it. I'm going to sleep through the night.

Nope. I got up at 2, needing food; and was only awake for a couple of hours. I took a Xanax before hitting the hay.

...and slept right around the goddamned clock.

I can't win!

I mean, WTF, how the hell can I sleep so freaking much? You'd think that going to bed four hours earlier would mean getting up four hours earlier, but no, I can't do that! That would make sense! No no NOOOO no, even going to bed at 4 AM means sleeping until 4 PM, and the fact that you took a Xanax means you're penalized an extra two fricking hours! Now get in that sack and sleep!

It's one of those cases where I wish I could exhibit birefringence so I could beat myself up. It's that goddamned annoying.

* * *

Vox Day on the GOP:
...if you don't understand that the Republican Party leadership is a bunch of moderate Democrats attempting to keep the Republican grass roots reasonably in line, you can't possibly understand how American politics works.
Yep, "Democrat Lite". That's pretty much it.

* * *

It looks as if the Obamatrons know a minefield when they see it. Someone very quietly told the EPA to drop their consideration of banning lead ammunition.

Hmm, it's an election year where the Democrat Regime is doing very badly, and some ecoweenie decides to float a trial balloon which wouldn't go over well any time...yeah. The EPA "realized" it has no jurisdiction over ammunition; that's the law.

If this weren't an election year, any bets on whether or not the EPA would give a rat's ass over whether or not the law lets it regulate ammunition?

* * *

So it's Saturday, and it's been 5 days since my FOID card application went out. Not that I'm counting.

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