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#2259: And then, he'll invent hyperdrive and antigravity!

"Obama's goal: End Iraq war, then win Mideast peace" goes the headline.


Obama's already shown that his template for ending the Israel/Palestine conflict is "Israel loses, Palestine wins". For the Palestinians, ideally that means "no more Israel"; that's kind of the sticking point here. The instant Israel makes any kind of concession, Palestine goes right to the line and begins to scream bloody murder for more. The Israel-Palestine conflict has defied solution by anybody, including Presidents a hell of a lot smarter and more effective than Boss Tweek.

Meanwhile, "Obama's stand is that the Iraq war, at a costly price, distracted from the cause in Afghanistan." Nobody can do anything in Afghanistan; the Russians tried to take over the place in the early 1980s and they left with egg on their faces--and all they were trying to do was to annex it, make it part of the USSR. Iraq at least is reasonably modern; Afghanistan is stuck in the 8th century.

The war in Iraq concentrated islamic terror efforts there: the islamic terror organizations were so busy making life hell in Iraq they didn't have anything left to cause trouble in the US. The Bush Doctrine worked very, very well, and the policy of removing Saddam Hussein and building a new democratic government there was a good, reasonably well-defined goal.

The goals for Afghanistan are inchoate. What are we there for? There is no real central government to replace. "Eliminate the Taliban"? You'd have an easier time exterminating cockroaches in a slum. "Get Osama bin Laden"? Look, that man is either dead or else is so far underground he's halfway to China. "Hinder terror organizations"? That's an ongoing operation that won't end until islam joins the rest of us in the 21st century. (And even then...)

So Obama's "goal" is to end the Israel-Palestine conflict, eh? Having made a complete mess of the dog's breakfast this administration calls its "domestic policy" he's doing what Democrat Presidents always do when their ideas fail and their approval ratings drop: move to foreign policy. Carter did it; Clinton did it; now Obama's doing it.


* * *

You'd think the most-feared drug kingpin in Mexico would have a slightly more macho nickname than "The Barbie".

...that's really all I had to say about that.

* * *

I am surprised and amazed almost beyond rational thought that the two men have islamic names.
Two men on a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Amsterdam were questioned by Dutch authorities after U.S. officials found a cell phone taped to a Pepto Bismol bottle and a knife and box cutter in checked luggage connected with the men....
Their names? Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi and Hezam al Murisi.

Not "Bob Dollingsworth and Philip Zagniewski" or anything. "Cell phone taped to a...bottle"--gee, you don't think they were trying to figure out the limits of what the screening equipment can do, maybe? I really doubt it was in order to pack more efficiently: "Damn it, I can't fit the cell phone anywhere--oh, wait! I'll tape it to the Pepto! That'll do it!" Give me a break.

On the other hand, "a knife and box cutter in checked luggage"--that's a non-issue. You don't have access to checked baggage when you're aboard the airplane. In the US, people travel with firearms in checked luggage.

* * *

I still can't believe how much fun it was to do my car work at Og's place.

Today, then, I went to Advance Auto to order the TPS sensor and the rear wiper motor assembly. The "check engine" light has been illuminated since Sunday morning, so I figured that there's no getting around replacing the TPS.

Well: it develops that Advance can't get the rear wiper motor assembly; neither stores nor warehouses have it in stock. Argh etc. And it's been my experience that as goes one parts chain, so go the others; so I'll check at O'Reilly's and AutoZone, but without much optimism.


1) Go to Jeep. HAAAAAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!! Oh Lord, I'm so damn funny... Yeah, I think I could reasonably expect to pay only $ASSRAPE for an OEM part, assuming they can still get it.

2) Go to boneyards. This is not a bad idea; the only real problem is testing the damn thing before removing it. We have one of those "booster" packs, for jump-starting a car; all I have to do is make the right kind of patch cord and I could use it to power the wiper motor and make sure it runs.

3) Disassemble the unit I have and see if I can make it work. This is what I'm going to try first.

The thing is not meant to be disassembled, really. The gearbox cover is riveted on and the motor is held on with bent metal "ears". But I have a drill press, and machine screws will serve to hold the cover on once I'm done mucking about inside.

Worst case, I end up going to a boneyard anyway. Whee! Actually "worst case" is having to buy the new part from Jeep. It'd probably only cost $200 or so. I'll buy it from an on-line dealer before I go to Jeep. (Ebay or something.) The rebuilt unit Advance can't get runs about $70, so that's the price I'd be looking to pay for one.

* * *

Oh: right after I got done ordering the TPS, right after, I started the Jeep and the "check engine" light went off. Argh.

* * *

I stink at this kind of thing:
Just spent an amusing couple hours with Ed Hering of Atomic Fungus. He’s as engaging and amusing in real life as he is on the blog, and has a great grin. He also has conversations with inanimate objects and has more knowledge of electronics than anyone should dare. In other words, he’s one of us. it was great to meet him in the flesh and cool to work with him.
I always find it hard to encapsulate my opinions of people like that. People generally fall into "great people" and "dickheads", and Og's definitely no dickhead.

I have trouble saying why Og is a great guy, though; it's just obvious that he is. Besides, I'm new at this "actually meeting people whose blogs I've read for I-don't-even-know-how-long" thing. But I like it; and Og's said he's going to introduce me to other people from around the area, many of whose blogs I also read--and I'm probably going to be just as incapable of describing them as I was with Og.

I just wanted to make sure everyone understood that.

But WTF, if you read Og's blog, you know what he's like. That's really about all I can say; but IMHO that's saying a lot. I really like people who are comfortable in their own skin, partly because it's taken me so long to get comfortable in my own.

* * *

Speaking of blogmeets, one of the things talked about in #gunblogger_conspiracy is a thing called "Blogorado": various gunbloggers descend on a farm out west for a weekend or so of shooting things and socializing. And the people who go to it are all people whose blogs I read, and I always find myself wishing I could go, before and especially after.

Well, someday.

Here's TD's after-action report to give you some idea of what I'm talking about.

* * *

I like this: "Why are Americans so hostile to muslims? ...because they keep blowing us up. And the latter phrase is a link to a list of islamic attacks in the Wikipedia entry "Islamic terrorism".


* * *

YEAH, BABY! Illinois is in the bottom 20% of "free states"! Woohoo!

Indiana is in the top 40% (as is Iowa).

* * *

Just don't forget about it. Yeast can make enough CO2 to blow up a 2-liter bottle.

This sounds like fun, though. And tasty.

* * *

I had a gander over at BakaBT today, and found the Toradora! light novels, all conveniently packaged in one torrent. I grabbed them and stuck 'em on the Aluratek; they're in PDF format, so the illustrations are in the text where they are in the book.

My only quarrel is that the quality of the writing isn't as good as I'd hope for. I'm not sure how much is due to the translator and how much is the translator trying to keep the flavor of the original.

But, hey--bonus points for using the right homophone when he wrote "unfazed". When you're not taken aback by something, you're "unfazed". When your waveform's peaks and valleys cease to match another similar waveform, then you are "unphased".

Anyway, it's been a while since I watched Toradora!

* * * I'm trying to figure out when that was, and I thought I could use Google. One big problem with the search gadget on LJ is that it'll find only groups or tags; it doesn't do a text search.

Against all odds, Google finds one hit with both the keywords "atomic fungus" and "toradora":

...and it's not even this site!

You know, normally, when I do a search for anything, I get 50,000,000 hits (literally in some cases) on things which aren't even remotely close to what I'm actually searching for, and usually half of the hits on the first dozen pages are for aggregation sites.

On the other hand, some strange links do come up--I have to wonder who comes here and reads the Fungus based on accidentally finding a link to it via some anime-related search. Heh.

(If I had a real blog, I could check my refers, I guess.)

Thanks to my obsessive logging of what anime I watch and when, though, I was able to discover that it was only about 11 months ago that I watched the anime in two sittings.

I just binged on the entire series, 25 eps, in order to distract myself from the GOD AWFUL EVIL BITCH FROM HELL EX-FIANCEE proving that she had all the fidelity of one of those cheesy records embossed into thin plastic.

25 eps--that's ten freaking hours of anime. Not that I had anything else on my mind at the time and needed a distraction....

* * *

Need to have some records restored? I found this while trying to find a name for those embossed-thin-plastic-record-things. I doubt it's cheap but if you've got no other alternative, maybe it's worth it.

* * *

...been a while since I watched Toradora! so I didn't really remember how things started, but now that I've gotten to chapter 4 it's starting to come back to me.

There are ten volumes of this. So I know what I'll be reading for the next few days.

* * *

Meanwhile, Mom is reading Don Quixote on her Aluratek. Well, I guess she had to start somewhere.

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