atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2262: Ordered wiper motor.

I ordered it from Rockauto per PDB's suggestion.

...I took the cover off the wiper motor's gearbox, and pulled the motor off, and then just put it back together again.

When you pull a cover off a gearbox, and dry powdery residue leaks out, it's generally not good. The stuff in there which had once been grease turned into dirt. The shaft which drives the wiper arm is seized. There is no good way to disassemble the drivetrain without destroying half of it.

I'm pretty sure I'll get my core charge back even though I did this, because the thing's in rebuildable condition. I can guarantee that the rebuilder would drill out rivets exactly the way I did. (The cover stays on since I didn't remove them entirely.) It's totally screwed, anyway.

And if I don't get my core charge back, I'll just chalk it up to experience: Next time, just replace the goddamned thing, doofus.

I wish I'd known about this place last year about this time; they actually have the backup switch I needed for the Escort. The switch that no one else in the universe had, NOT EVEN FORD. might not have mattered, though, since it's a 2-prong switch and they want $90 for the damn thing. (4-prong? $22. Shit.)

A cam kit for the Escort: SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS! Jesus, no wonder the cars in the boneyards haven't got any freaking cylinder heads!

Well, a class III trailer hitch for the Jeep for $130, but no clue what shipping would add to that. And it doesn't say it includes the wiring kit, so I'd still have to go get one of those.


* * *

Damn, it's freaking hot outside, even at 10 PM. I was sweating my ass off while working in the garage.

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