atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2263: I need to find a way to beat up my subconscious.

I've just about had enough of the dreams I have where I'm in a relationship which can never actually happen with one or the other of two particular women. They don't happen often, but when they do, I'm usually depressed afterwards for days.

The hell of it is, I don't want those relationships, because they're fraught with peril; the two women in question are high-maintenance. It'd be an absolute nightmare if I actually got to be in a relationship with either of them.

I'm not gonna say who they are. They're not celebrities; they're average people whom I've met. They are not women who I have dated.

Enough about that crap.

* * *

Crazed left-wing terrorist takes hostages at Discovery Channel!

* * *

I think some scientists need to learn how to hitch horses to wagons.

"Smoking may increse depression in teens." How do they figure that out? They look at a group of kids, and determine which ones smoke, and then figure out which ones are depressed. They then see that the kids who smoke tend to be more depressed than the ones who don't. "Eureka! Smoking makes kids depressed!"

Of course, it's flat-out impossible that--just maybe!--the depressed kids tend to smoke more than non-depressed kids. Oh no! No, it's the smoking that makes them depressed.

Only an intellectual is stupid enough to do this kind of thing.

* * *

Just so you know: I don't smoke.

But I don't care if other people smoke. I'm not afraid of "secondhand smoke". I don't think smoking is stupid per se since tobacco use is merely a risk factor for disease, not a cause of it.

The restrictions on smoking, in the name of reducing nonsmokers' exposure to "secondhand smoke", are getting ludicrous and totalitarian.

* * *

In the "where the hell is my goddamned tire iron" department:

DUMBASS KID applies 110 VAC to his nipples, suffers consequences, and sues the school. Predictably, the suit blames the teacher for this.
During class on March 11, Kyle Dubois willingly placed an alligator clamp on one of his nipples while a second student placed one on his other nipple and a third student plugged in a cord providing electricity, sending an approximately three-second jolt through Dubois. ...

The suit claims Kelley was "less than eight feet away at the time and saw and heard the students engaging in this activity."
Yeah, you know what? Mr. Kelley probably thought that NO ONE IS STUPID ENOUGH TO PUT 110V THROUGH HIS FUCKING NIPPLES. I'd wager that Mr. Kelley warned his students repeatedly about the danger present in 110 volt AC power, and I'd further wager that while those FUCKING RETARDS were doing what they were doing, Mr. Kelley was probably thinking, "Those kids are just screwing around, trying to get a rise out of m--HOLY SHIT!"


* * *

Looks like I don't need to find that third party just yet.

* * *

Did this guy make a trike out of a combine? Cool.

* * *

Dick posts a link to a site which showcases stupid people.

...where's my tire iron?

* * *

Obama gets a drilling ban hat trick.

* * *

Rockauto says my part has shipped; and via FedEx, no less. And the TPS is in at Advance.

...and I have the grocery shopping to do.

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