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#2264: Anime blather

Last night I sat down to watch the playlist:
Zettai Karen Children
Kiss X Sis
Arakawa Under the Bridge
Mayoi Neko Overrun
To Aru Majutsu no Index
I was about five minutes into ep 10 of Zettai Karen Children when I thought, I hate this fucking show, and decided it's off the playlist. I skipped to Kiss X Sis.

I gave that shit nine chances to get better, and it didn't. There was one episode--one--which didn't piss me off. The adults are all stupid and spineless, the kids are spoiled brats, and the plot is a one-trick pony. (And the trick isn't even all that interesting.) The series plot arc is too tenuous and too incremental to keep me coming back; most episodes don't even touch on it.

Nine eps in the viewer should have some idea what the bad guy is after. All I know about the bad guy is that he's a super-esper who once worked for BABEL, he's a multiple murderer, and he has a telepathic talking squirrel for a pet.

The final straw: the girls are changing into wetsuits. Why? Because there's this ship which sank with eight people aboard, and they're trapped deep underwater. They're going to have to get aboard a special submarine to go rescue the trapped people, because their esper abilities won't let them rescue these people from the surface. (Why you need espers to rescue people when you've got a special submarine seemingly built for the purpose was not explained.)

They're done changing and they're arguing about accessorizing the wet suits when their manager, Minamoto (one of the stupid and spineless adults) opens the door and yells at them to get moving. Of course the girls shy back and scream, "Pervert!" ...even though they're all fully dressed.

Minamoto, of course, being both stupid and spineless, apologizes, slams the door shut, and grimaces as he leans against the closed door.

Me: This shit isn't going to get any better.

So I'm issuing a warning: avoid this show at all costs. It's not worth watching; it sucks.

* * *

Worst part: there's fifty-freaking-one episodes of this shit. Only 13 of Umisho and 25 of Kimi ni Todoke, but there's fifty-goddamned-one eps of this craptastic extrusion.

*sigh* There's no justice.

* * *

I knew, going into Kiss X Sis, that Keita was not related to his stepsisters Ako and Riko; so their obvious desire for him didn't bother me.

It's a paean to otaku who like siscon stuff, but the first episode had some really good moments in it. Bonus points for them not actually being related; too many siscon stories are (or end up being) about blood relations, and I avoid those like the plague 'cause they're icky.

* * *

As of ep 17, To Aru Majutsu no Index has a new opening theme. The new theme sucks.

* * *

As for Working!! I can't help but think of the restaurant's manager, Kyouko, as Nobue Itou from Ichigo Mashimaro at age 25. I know they're not the same character, but the attitude, personality, hairstyle, and expression all match.

Speaking of which, looking at Sankaku channel for images of Poplar, I am kind of disgusted at the number of images wherein she's got breasts the size of prizewinning watermelons. Poplar is short; her breasts are big for someone her size but they stay within the bounds of good proportion, and they're not gargantuan. Making them too big utterly ruins the cuteness of the character--and I mean like dropping a 58-megaton hydrogen bomb on it.

(BTW: her name in the anime is given as "Popura", which means "Poplar". Hence what I wrote.)

* * *

Now that I've finally finished transferring Kimi ni Todoke to DVD--for real, with good audio all 'round--I've been wondering what I should do next.

Originally I intended to do B Gata H Kei but then I realized that I'd rather transfer the uncensored version to DVD. BGHK isn't as bad as some series (*cough*Kodomo no Jikan*cough*) but the censoring is still idiotic in spots. Example: there's a scene where they censor something that's already censored. The original animation places a view block over something-or-other, and the "censored-for-TV" version places the "censored-for-TV" view block over the original one. WTF?

(I almost wrote "Domo Chicken" there. For future reference, when I say "Domo Chicken" I mean Kodomo no Jikan. If you don't understand why, blame Sailor V and his craptastic Japanese pronunciation.)

(Or "funtastic".)

Anyway, I think I'll just start transferring To Aru Kagaku no Railgun to DVD. Ruiko Saten FTW!

...then when the uncensored BGHK hits the torrents, then do it.

* * *

Arakawa Under the Bridge is still not making a whole lot of sense. I don't think it's supposed to.

I've come to realize that it's an example of the "otherworldly girlfriend" genre even though Nano is obviously human. (Her claims to being "venusian" notwithstanding.) The "otherworld", in this case, is the world of the denizens under the bridge, all of whom are freaking weirdos of one stripe or another, all of whom are nonetheless human.

Normally the "otherworld" is an alien or magical world. Urusei Yatsura is the most well-known example of this--and Oh! My Goddess!--but it's done a lot because the genre has a lot of appeal to the otaku crowd. (Face it: if you're a hopeless nerd, you wish some girl from another world with different standards and customs would come along and fall in love with you; sometimes it seems like that's the only way it could possibly happen.)

(Don't ask me how I know.)

But the main charcter of this series himself belongs under the bridge: he has a nearly psychotic aversion to being in debt to anyone for any reason--instilled in him by his father, who is equally psychotic this way--which is why he's a 21-year-old without a girlfriend or even friends despite his status as an elite. (About to graduate from Tokyo U, already owns a large and succesful business or two, plays violin and piano expertly, rich, good-looking, etc, etc.)

But it's not-bad, so I'm going to watch the rest of it.

* * *

The real problem I have with Mayoi Neko Overrun comes from Fumino Serizawa. Problem #1: the tsundere'kko schtick. Problem #2: voiced by Kanae Itou, she sounds just like Haruhi Suzumiya. (Even though Haruhi's voice is provided by Aya Hirano.) I thought Aya Hirano was doing Fumino, and was surprised she wasn't when I checked just now. Jesus.

At least Fumino isn't the kind of horrible hair-trigger tsundere like Ibuki in Asu no Yoichi. ("I think you just thought about breasts! Time for you to die!") She's still pretty bad, though.

The last time the tsundere schtick was actually done well was Ranma 1/2. Since then, it's all been downhill. Thanks to the success of Love Hina, we get the way it's normally done now: the female lead beats the everloving shit out of the male lead whenever she suspects him of thinking something she doesn't like, or when something happens which exposes him to female nudity, even if he did his best to avoid it. It's arbitrary and non-funny.

Exception: Toradora! Taiga's a tsundere but she doesn't try to kill Ryuji just because he happened to see another girl's panties or something. (There are probably others.)

* * *

Sailor V gave me a set of Tenchi Muyo! OVA DVDs--extras from his various eBay forays, ones without cases or anything. (I don't mind.) The point is, they've languished in front of the DVD player because I've been watching other series and playing computer RPGs so much since then.

I got Howl's Moving Castle when it came out; I haven't even opened it yet. The same goes for the Sherlock Holmes DVD I got a few months ago.

Yet here I am, wondering when Iron Man 2 will be released, because I'm going to go buy it when it is. *sigh*

* * *

"Domo Chicken". Heh.

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