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#2265: I really hope he's not an English Grammar teacher.

Because this guy's a teacher and he doesn't know how to use an apostrophe. "One of my student's got a tattoo," begins his Facebook post.

Yeah. FAIL.

* * *

"Its a free country. I wish it weren't." There you go, the liberal mindset!

* * *

Sears doesn't mind selling a mousepad that says "I molested your honor student."



* * *

Five grand for a Grand National? Okay, it's the one-year-only "T-type" Regal, but c'mon: it's a GN.

These cars were the fastest American-made production car you could buy in the 1980s. The turbocharged 90° 3.8 liter V6 was a monster engine right out of the box, and if you modified it just a little bit it became a monster on steroids.

This example has 103k on the odometer, which isn't bad. It seems to be all-original (but for the paint) and unmolested, which is even better.

(Of course, if you get one from a later year it'll have EFI and an intercooler, which really bumps the performance significantly.)

* * *

Ann Coulter: "[Obama] is obviously an atheist."

Yeah: "...[T]he guy bellowing 'God damn America!' is the one vouching for Obama's Christianity. That's like saying you got sober with the help of your A.A. sponsor Lindsay Lohan."

But the crowning glory of this piece is bolded by me in this next quote:'s Obama's church attendance – back in Chicago – that proves he's an atheist.

This was inadvertently admitted by Obama's leading butt-boy, Richard Wolffe, on North Korean TV Monday night.
I laughed at this until tears came. GOD I love Ann Coulter!

* * *

Even before my own contretemps with overweening police, I thought that police need to be kept honest.

I'm not the only one.

Look: I'm pro-police, but that view was always tempered with the fact that we express the problems of police authority using a phrase that's around two thousand years old: qui custodiet ipsos custodes? "Who will watch the watchmen?" And I'm sure the question was old before Latin was even invented.

In America, the citizen is sovereign; and the citizen should have the right to videotape police officers who are on-duty and in public, because those officers work for us.

And guess what?
In Illinois, however, it's illegal to record the police – even if you're trying to gather evidence of police wrongdoing. If you try it, you could be arrested and charged with a felony. This is because in Illinois both parties must consent to the recording of a conversation ... unless one of those parties is a police officer.
Emphasis his.

This is bullshit, and it's wrong. I agree with this article's statement: Cops should welcome an impartial observer.

His last paragraph is excellent:
While I would never adopt the leftist, authoritarian attitude that, "If you've got nothing to hide you should welcome Big Brother looking over your shoulder for your own good," this isn't about public surveillance of free citizens. It's about providing a check on the otherwise unbridled power of law enforcement officers to abuse their considerable discretion when nobody is looking. It's about keeping honest the men and women who are empowered to exercise authority – and force in the name of authority – over their fellow free citizens. It's about watching the watchmen through the unblinking and unbiased eye of a camera lens.
The real problem with the disparity of police getting to record when citizens cannot is that the "dash cam" in the police car can somehow mysteriously "get lost" if it shows the officer in question doing something wrong. The cop may then get a reprimand for losing the tape, but he won't get prosecuted and/or fired for whatever he did that the tape bears witness to...and the courts rarely believe a citizen's witness over that of a cop's. Particularly when the cops at the scene all tell the same story, and the citizen is the only one with a conflicting version.

But the police specifically and the government in general does not like and will not tolerate any such challenges to their authority. That has to change.

* * *

Chicago gangs are whining about fair treatment. Yeah? How about this, asshole: you stop with the crime and violence and drugs and "We The People" won't form a vigilante group and hang all of your asses from the lampposts and trees of the city? How do you like that for "fairness"?

* * *

While I agree that nuclear power is the best way for the United States to generate clean electricity, I have to say that we do not need "a new Manhattan Project".

We don't need to develop commercial thorium reactors, either.

Proponents of thorium technology always try to push it based on it supposedly being "cheaper", "cleaner", and "safer" than uranium. And all three points are canards: uranium itself is cheap, clean and safe; and moreover, we understand it very well based on the fact that we've been using it to fuel commercial reactors since the end of WW2. We do not understand the technical problems of thorium reactors nearly as well, solely because we haven't been using thorium-fueled commercial reactors.

The problems with uranium reactors being expensive arise solely from political considerations; it's hard to see how these considerations won't apply to thorium reactors. Fission is fission, and nuclear waste is nuclear waste.

We could vastly reduce the pile of spent nuclear fuel (and lower the price of fresh fuel!) if we would just recycle it. We recycle just about every other industrial commodity in this country, including some truly toxic substances; why not uranium? Because the Democrats and liberals don't like nuclear power and want to throw as many roadblocks in its way as they can, that's why--and they are not going to be any less hostile to thorium plants than they are toward uranium plants.

One of the "safety" benefits for which thorium is touted is that "the reactor can't melt down". Well, we can build uranium reactors which can't melt down, too. (Read Freeman Dyson's Disturbing the Universe.) Perhaps if the United States was still approving new reactor core designs (rather than limiting us to 1950s technology) we could actually build some here.

Yes, nuclear power is the answer to a great many of our energy woes. It's also been the answer to these woes for forty years, and we're no closer to widespread adoption of it than we were in 1970.

Thanks, Democrats.

* * *

Democrats don't even care what their core constituents think. Not when it stands in their way.

Of course, in that regard, the GOP is no better.

* * *

Guy's expensive BMW wrecked by a dealership mechanic driving it; story: "...the driver hit a patch of sand and slid into the curb at 20mph."

Owner looked at the accident site:
Around a turn was 30ft of tire marks (no sand) and not only one but two separate curb impacts and coming to rest in a puddle of strut fluid. Total distance from first curb impact to strut puddle was about 120ft!
Here's a hint: if you are going 20 MPH and you hit a patch of sand on the road and lose control, you don't skid 120 feet.

There are pictures of the damaged car, including one of a bent MacPherson strut. The damage includes:
...a broken strut, borked inner brace, bent steering gear assembly, damaged rear suspension, many instances of body damage, in total about $14,000 in parts and another $16,000 in labor.
This from a 20 MPH collision with a curb?

The dealership offered to pay for about $2,500 of the damage to the car; the guy had to take the car to another dealship to get a real estimate of the damage done to the car.

Of course, the difference between a BMW and a cactus is that the BMW has its pricks on the inside. Looks like the difference between a cactus and a BMW dealership is the same.

* * *

Plenty of people predicted this last year: "Cash for Clunkers" has raised the price of used vehicles.
When all is said and done, Cash for Clunkers was a deplorable exercise in budgetary wastefulness, asset destruction, environmental irrelevance, and economic idiocy. Other than that, it was a screaming success.
Thanks, Democrats! Thanks, Obama!

* * *

By the way, auto sales are down, too! There's your "recovery summer"!

Thanks, Democrats! Thanks, Obamanomics!

* * *

Economic statistics are being "cooked" to make them look better. Color me surprised.

* * *

Good post over at Sultain Knish about Obama's incompetence.

* * *

It's barely rained at all for weeks; and then right after Og suggested I check out boneyards for a trailer hitch, it rains all morning. *sigh* And it's raining now, which means the boneyards will still be sopping wet tomorrow. Argh etc.

* * *

After picking up my contact lenses I hit Best Buy for another pair of Skull Candy Ink'd earbuds. They sound great, but I always like to have a spare pair on hand because a) they're inexpensive; and b) shit happens. I don't know how many times I've accidentally yanked them out of my ears because the cord got caught on something; that can't be good for them. Eventually it'll happen and they'll die.

I've only been putting off buying another pair since February 2009. I left my first pair in Maine, so I broke out my backup pair, and have been procrastinating too much. Today I was near BB and they were on sale, so I got 'em.

When I say "they sound great" I mean THEY SOUND GREAT. They sound much better than a $20 pair of headphones has any right to sound. Frequency response is 20-20k Hz. and it's a good flat response curve; the sound is neither thick nor tinny. Bass has good punch and highs are crisp.

Ironically, Skull Candy's Ink'd earbuds sound better than their next model up, the name of which escapes me. They run about $30-ish and their frequency response is something like 30-18k Hz. WTF.

* * *

While I was waiting for the girl at LensCrafters to process my debit card I tried reading the katakana (Japanese) on the box; I had to move the cautionary sticker she'd put on which identified which eye the lens was for and said "OPEN BOX CANNOT BE RETURNED FOR REFUND". She asked me why I moved it; I told her.

She asked, "Oh! Do you speak Mandarin?"

I didn't say, "I SAID 'JAPANESE', NOT 'CHINESE', YOU SILLY COW!" I merely said, "No."

*sigh* She was cute until she opened her mouth.

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