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#2270: This is ludicrous.

I'm still getting messages from Celtic insurance over my "cancelled" insurance, even after I sent them a payment.

Recall, please, that they sent me a bill for the quarterly premium due on July 28 after the due date; I sent the payment in early August.

Just now got an e-mail from them: "are you still paying your monthly premium? Please reply."


My reply:
YES I'm still paying my premiums! I sent you guys a check in August!

You didn't send me the bill for July 28th until AFTER the due date. You
might want to send me the bill BEFORE the due date to avoid future problems!
Jesus Christ.

* * *

At least I got the damn grass cut. Finally. With the rain we got last week, finally the front grass got to the point that it needed cutting. The area just off the porch has needed cutting for three weeks at least, but I wasn't going to haul out the lawn mower just to cut that little part (it takes perhaps 3 minutes to do) and I wasn't going to cut the entire front lawn when it clearly didn't need cutting. Particularly not with 90° weather with 72° dewpoints! HELL NO. No wonder it was such a dry August: all the damn water was in the air.

Now the dewpoint's at 44°. Heh.

* * *

Wow, the women are just after me:
From Miss Lucreans Williams Please Help Me

i am sorry to come to you in this way, I am writing this mail to you with due respect trust and humanity, i appeal to you to exercise a little patience and read through my message, i came across your profile and my spirit lead me to contact you,well i realy needed some one honest,truthfull to share my feelings and my burden with you, let me introduce my self to you, I am Miss Lucreans Williams, 20 years old the only daugther to late chief/Mrs Paul williams. a Native of Ivory Coast in West Africa.

My father was very wealthy business man when he was alive who deal with car importation and he was killed because of his weath by one of our family member so that he will clam my father's property which he has already don, my mother have die many years ago and my father take good care of me as his only duaghther, Before the death of my father on (August 2007) in a private hospital here in Coted'ivoire where he was admitted, he secretly called me on his bed side and disclosed to me about the sum of five million five hundred US dollars ($5.5million) he left in suspense account in one of the bank here in Abidjan. and he also tell me where he keep all the document which the bank issued him when he deposited the money, and my name was writen as nest of king as his only daughther, so i am contacting you to help me and stand as my foreign partner who want to asist me transfer the mony in your account over there in your as my father instructed me to look for a foregn patiner of my choice where my life can be save, so after goping into your profile my mined leed me to contact you.

Dear permit me to ask this quation

(1) Can you take good cere of me when i come over to your country
(2) Can you stand as the beneficial of the fund since I am only 20 years old.
(3) Can you help me as your Sister/Daughter/Friend
(4) Can you make arrangement for me to come over to your country after the money is
transfer, and furter my education and also invest the money there in your country.

I have decided to offer you 20% of the total amount for your effort and your willingness to and 5% for any expenses if there is but i dont think there will be any expenses,

immidiately i hear from you concerning my request.I will forward to you all the
neccessary documents concerning this deposit with the bank contact so that you will contact the bank for the transfer of the money into your account.

Thanks for your understanding.
Miss Lucreans Williams.
Dayum, how can I lose? This "Miss Lucreans Williams" sounds like she's on the up-and-up! After all, she's her father's nest of king! And she wants my help to furter her education!

*sigh* These goddamned spammers aren't getting any smarter. Or better at English.


* * *

What has it been, two weeks since I sent in my FOID card app? (Monday?) Dang.

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