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#2271: I'm not the only one!

Michael Flynn doesn't believe in dark energy either!

The problem of the missing lithium, however, doesn't really bother me: I don't see why the distribution of elements has to be uniform, since the entire reason physicists need dark energy in the first place is to explain a nonuniform distribution of matter. Obviously the Copernican principle is not entirely universal; but hauling out an a posteriori notion of some mysterious energy we can't directly observe--that's nuts.

Michael Flynn is, like, a real science fiction author who's got a whole bunch of books out, including his Firestar series, which I love. So it makes me feel better about my own disdain for dark energy.

Then he takes on athiest claptrap. Dang it, I hope someday to meet Mr. Flynn at a con (after I turn Pro) and have some kind of drink with him; he sounds like my kind of guy.

* * *

Creepy stalker/would-be "journalist" doesn't understand why Sarah Palin's neighbors think he's a skunk.


* * *

I was thinking, the other day, about marriage, and the ways in which a man can protect himself from marrying a vile harridan.

This is one. Okay, if your girlfriend says she has racked up a hundred thousand dollars of student loan debt on a phtography major, there is only one thing I can say to you: RUN AWAY!

If she had racked up $170,000 in student loans for, I don't know, medical school, then it's a whole other story. But a bullshit BS? Hell no.

What I was actually thinking about the other day was a story (probably apocryphal) about this guy who was due to be married, and one day he was at his fiancee's house alone with her younger sister. The younger sister was coming on to him, strong, and he refused her several times. Finally the fiancee and her parents pop out of the closet and say, "Surprise! We were just testing you!"

...if that had been me, I would have said, "Yeah, well, the engagement's off," and walked out.

Sorry: if you don't trust me, if you think you have to test my fidelity before the marriage, WHY THE HELL DID YOU AGREE TO MARRY ME IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Setting up a test--you have trust issues; no thank you. Bye; have a nice life.


* * *

Alan Caruba thinks we're in a depression. It's hard to argue the point. Unemployment is flirting with record levels; the money supply is grossly overinflated; taxes are set to go up; and consumer confidence is in the toilet.

I like this quote:
E. Ralph Hostetter, publisher of American Farm Publications, recently noted that “The federal government has been in control of the U.S. dollar since 1913 when the Federal Reserve Banking System was established.”

“The 130 years prior to 1913, going back to 1783, was the longest period of currency stability in U.S. history. Since the dollar came under control of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913, it has lost 90 percent of its original value. Eighty percent of that loss has occurred since President Richard Nixon took the United States off the gold standard in 1971.”
I can remember when I could buy a candy bar for a quarter. (That was in the late 1970s.) These days, it's a buck and a quarter. (And they're smaller.)

The 1975 Chevrolet Impala which ended up being my first car had a sticker price around $5,000. You can't get into an equivalent car today for less than $20,000, and the car is much smaller to boot. (If you want to be able to haul a tralier the way that car could, expect to pay upwards of $30,000 for a truck/SUV.)

The house I live in--my mother's house, built to order!--was around $20,000 in 1965. It would probably sell for ten times that today.

Yeah. I'm not convinced that losing the gold standard was such a good idea.

* * *

Here's a shout out to Sailor V: I was supposed to call you back, like, last week, and every time I've remembered it (like right now) it's fallen outside my "polite calling hours". (Typically 9 am to 9 PM.) I don't even remember what--oh wait, yes I do: the curio cabinet thing.

I have to go to Hammond this coming week to visit the Pick-n-Pull, in hopes of snagging a cheap trailer hitch for the Jeep. If you still haven't gotten the cabinet, LMK.

(This is easier than sending an e-mail. ROFLCOPTER)

* * *

I was watching the usual playlist last night, and got to the ep of To Aru Majutsu no Index which was the start of the "Last Order" story. It got a bit tiring to hear Sister 20001 saying "Misaka wa Misaka wa" every time she spoke. (Sisters refer to themselves in 3rd person, and provide their own dialogue tags: "'Misaka is hungry,' Misaka said sullenly." Only 20001 says it more like this: "'Misaka is hungry,' Misaka said Misaka said sullenly." Hence the "Misaka wa Misaka wa". *sigh*)

Mayoi Neko Overrun ep 7 was more of that "show within a show" shit. The cast ended up in some weird combining mech show; I skipped it. It sucks and I hate it when a series does this; I have never found it very interesting when--completely out of the blue--the producers of a series just insert an episode of something which is completely different. I forget the last example of that nonsense that I saw--I think it was an ep of ToLoveRu--but it's irritating as hell.

Then, with ep 8, it looked like they were doing a parody of Saki rather than continuing with the regular series continuity. Well, they were doing a parody of Saki, but it was part of the regular series, not another stupid "show within a show".

Kiss x Sis is pretty damn ecchi. I like it. In the most recent ep I saw, Keita is kissing Aiko, for a good long time; and when she gets off his lap there's his pants.

Time for my patented nosebleed emoticon!! :^~

...oh well.

* * *

Of late I've been going on a slow-motion cleaning binge. I find something in my room that annoys me and fix it, and the result is less clutter and more organization.

What I really need to do is to designate a "Junk Box" and toss everything without an easily definable purpose or need into that box. I did that already with the dresser; I ended up filling a box which had formerly housed 12 quart bottles of Pennzoil. (This was stuff that had been piled on top of the dresser. And there is still room for improvement. Shit.)

The computer desk is probably the worst offender; after that, the bookshelves. I feel like I could have someone take all the junk from those two places and wouldn't miss any of it. (Some of it I would...eventually.)

So let's see how I do:



...if I can just keep one part of the room clean while doing another part, I'm winning the war on junk.

That only took me an hour.

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