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#2272: Hate my metabolism!

There was originally another Og "Car Repair Party" scheduled for today, but after spending most of my sleep time wondering how long it would be before I could fall asleep, I ended up begging off. By the time I had intended to get up (around 11:30) it had become obvious that even if I could somehow safely make the trip to Og's place, I would be a surly pile of unwashed socks. *sigh*

* * *

"Jesus was HIV-positive"?



* * *

I'm sure that if AP called Obama a liar on combat in Iraq, it was purely by accident.

* * *

Alan Caruba: "The Nazi regime was made up of animal rights advocates, environmentalists, and vegetarians, of which Hitler was all three." Thanks for Godwinning the eco-debate, dude! (IDK, does it count as a "Godwin" if it's historically accurate?)

* * *

It would be worrisome if the White House were not panicking over the impending elections. Because if there wasn't panic among the ruling party which faced de-election in staggering numbers, it might mean they had a plan to prevent their de-election using nefarious means.

* * *

Obama contineues to cling to Obamanomics.

* * *

While "out of the box" thinking is generally helpful in solving problems, it isn't when you come up with stupid ideas. This guy who came up with the idea of stewardess-as-copilot is the same idiot who thought of "standing only" aircraft.

You don't have a co-pilot "just in case the pilot dies"; you have a co-pilot to help the pilot fly the plane. So, if the pilot needs to take a leak, he can do that. If the pilot is dealing with a hairy situation, the co-pilot can handle radio communications while the pilot deals with flying the plane.

Yes, most of the time it takes one person to safely fly the airplane. No, you generally don't have time in an emergency to summon a stewardess to the cockpit.

* * *

I'm surprised no one said, this is why people say 747 drivers are asshats."

Yeah, it's that (in)famous airport in St Maarten.

* * *

So while I'm sitting here and doing the blog thing, suddenly the OP for Mahou Tsukai Tai! starts going through my head, and it's got me to thinking about watching it. And dubbing it to DVD so I don't have to rely on the VCDs working.

I can grab the .DAT from the VCD and dump it to the hard drive, then play via the computer-TV interface, and voila! fact I already have on commercial DVD all the MTT that exists (including the TV series) except for OVA eps 5&6.

MTT is one of those series which I know by heart, but still watch from time to time because it's so damned funny. I last watched it in the Philippines in 2007.



The second OP for To Aru Matjutsu no Index is growing on me. It's done by the same person/people who did the first OP for that series--the one which is really good, with or without lyrics--so maybe the reason I didn't like it was the sudden switch.


I don't know what they did with the omatase segments of Mayoi Neko Overrun. They feature Umenomori's maids giving the tease for next week's episode, but they're animated...strangely. It almost looks like the animators used motion capture to do it. That's an interesting juxtaposition; it would be interesting to see an entire episode of something done that way. (It would probably cost too much.)

* * *

It was a nice day, weather-wise, even if I didn't end up doing anything outside. (Well, I cooked bratwurst for dinner.) It's supposed to be cooler tomorrow; that's when I get to:

1) Contact Rockauto for an RMA for this stupid defective rear wiper motor.

2) Crawl under the Jeep and see if I can figure out WTF is up with the 4WD light.

3) Try replacing the cam position sensor O-ring in the Escort, pump up the LF tire with Fix-a-Flat, and drive the thing (for once).

Although I like to joke around about the Mazda Miata being a car either for girls or homosexuals, of late I've been thinking: what if I could get a good price on a used Miata in decent shape? And trade the MGB in on it? (Obviously this would have to be at a used car lot.)

The Miata is not a terribly expensive used car. It has the other advantages of having slightly cheaper (and more common) parts and being a lot less maintenance-intensive than an MGB is; if I were to get one, I could justify fobbing off the Escort (hopefully onto Sailor V, who needs a car). The Miata would combine my desire for a small car that doesn't use much fuel and my desire for a cute convertable to hoon around in.

Since I mainly use the Jeep in winter, the issue of salt corrosion wouldn't be a problem, either.

It all depends on a great many factors, one of them being that the MGB needs a carb rebuild and a bunch of tinkering before I can really drive it, much less try to sell it to anyone.

More probably I'd sell the car to someone for $$, then start looking for a Miata with the $$ from selling the MGB as a budget. Figure perhaps $2k for the MGB; if I couldn't find a Miata in good shape for that price, then I'd just give up on the idea. Who cares? I get garage space back!

A 2-minute search turned up a '96 in Frankfort, not 20 miles from here; $1,800 asking price (probably a dealership) with less than 80,000 on the odometer. Needs some work (AC blows warm, top has some issues, driver's seat needs recovering) but WTF. Problem: automatic transmission. Gimme manual!

My point is, if I was really trying to find one, I'd find one. Right now this is more in the "it would be neat if I could do this" category than "I'm going to jump on this immediately!" one.

But I really should get the MGB fixed up and drivable, if only so next spring I can jump on getting it sold to someone (preferably an MGB enthusiast).

* * *

I've been playing WoW of late, but I've been playing Erogami over on Galakrond rather than any of my toons on Aggramar.

I don't know what it is. Perhaps it's the idiocy which has pervaded the guild most of my characters are in. When you've got one guy who gets drunk or high and then comes on and berates everyone for not contributing anything to the guild bank it kind of ruins the fun of being in the guild. His shit has driven out a couple of people I really liked, too.

My toons don't use the guild bank for repairs, and whenever I take anything from the guild bank I always donate gold immediately afterwards. I hardly ever use vent--I've used it once in the last three months--so I don't see why I should be berated for not donating real-world money to pay for vent costs. I very rarely get to go raiding with the guild because they're always raiding super-high-end stuff that I'm not geared for, and can't get into; and I can't get gear for raiding because I rarely go raiding. Then I get on and have to read this anus' drunken chat posts about how no one but him helps out the guild master with expenses? Fuck off, douchebag.

Anyway, I'm discovering that if you know what you're doing, you can actually make a warrior that can crush all resistance. Erogami is pretty effective, much moreso than Calandraxyzz was at her level.

I've been thinking about moving a toon from Aggramar to Galakrond, for two reasons.

1) Make space on Aggramar for a new Horde toon
2) Bring gold from my 80 on Aggramar to feed to Horde toons via cross-faction auction house in Booty Bay.

Here's how you do the latter: you put up some innocuous item on AH with a ludicrous opening bid; then you have your Alliance toon buy the item. (Something that makes sense, like the Orc vanity pet, the snake. They're spendy for Alliance folks.) If someone else buys it before your Alliance toon can buy it, you win anyway. Heh.

I don't know what Blizzard charges to move toons between realms. Back when they were having capacity issues (after Lich King came out) they were offering free realm changes for a little while; but they're not free now. They might be $10 or $25; I can't remember. (The question is, how badly do I want to do this?)

But Erogami has made some good money just selling copper ore on the AH in Orgrimmar, and Cathexa almost always sells herbs for $$$, so it's possible to make a ton of money relatively quickly just by gathering raw materials that other players don't feel like gathering themselves.

Anyway, I've spent more time with WoW over the past week than I have with Torchlight, and that makes sense: I'm not paying $15 per month for that game. Heh.

* * *

Looks like the computer needs to be cleaned out again. There's cat hair all over the intake vents.

* * *

"Always look at your purchases" department: this morning, before I was having trouble sleeping but after I'd been awakened by the usual full bladder (middle age--argh) I thought, "I haven't eaten anything since what time? I should have a Slim-fast before I go back to bed." Got one out of the fridge, put another from the same box in, and was laying down in bed before I popped it open. Got a whiff Weird...took a slug....


"What the hell?" I asked myself. "Did they screw up and put a can of this in the chocolate?" Went to the kitchen, looked at the box, and discovered that instead of any chocolate flavor of Slim-Fast, I had instead bought a 6-pack of "Mochaccino Delight".

I was not delighted.

This is what I get for grabbing the stuff at the last minute (while the cashier was ringing up my order) and not looking at it. I saw the right color on the box and grabbed it. That's not easy to manage, considering they have like three or four different varieties of "chocolate" Slim-fast. Excluding this "mochaccino" crap. I ended up telling Mom she could try it if she wanted, and I had a strawberry one.

Of course I can't return it since I've opened one of the cans, so this will either get donated to the next food drive, or else it'll go into the emergency food bin.

At least I've still got the strawberry flavor. That one was right, anyway. It wasn't some weird coffee-strawberry concoction from hell.

Naturally, I could not get the mochaccino flavor out of my mouth after that.

* * *

Somehow I managed to make the bratwurst perfectly this time. I don't know what I did differently.

I always simmer them in beer before I grill them. That's the only reason I buy beer in the first place. But this time I could actually taste it.

Generally speaking I like the smell of things like beer and coffee and tobacco. I don't like the flavor or the smoke of any of them. Cooking bratwurst in beer usually lends the odor of beer to the flavor of the sausage, which is an awesome combination.

I'd like to try beer that was not made with hops; only recently did I learn that the bitter flavor of beer comes from hops, and it's that flavor which makes me dislike it. But I suppose I might as well wish for the Moon.

(Also: why does no one sell mead? At least, where I can find it? I'd like to try that, too, but not enough to delve into zymurgy enough to make my own.)

* * *

Turns out that it's a felony to distill your own alcohol. That blows. (At least I didn't find out the hard way.) What is that, a leftover from Prohibition?

* * *

The first real job I had was at Software Etc., and the regional manager was this fat woman who would always make audio notes for herself with a micro cassette recorder.

I always wanted to pick it up and scream into it, "SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" I don't even know why. I had the devil's own time trying not to laugh out loud when I thought of it. Jesus.

Of course, doing that would have gotten me fired. But what a way to go! Knowing what I know now, it would have been totally worth it.

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