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#2276: Democrats, you just keep telling yourselves that.

Democrats think their ideas are unpopular because they're not explaining them properly. As long as Democrats continue to think this, they'll continue shooting themselves in the foot.

* * *

The libtards are worried about Obama's loss of, well, everything.

I classify this guy as a libtard because of this line: "...[Obama] has become a polarizing figure -- irrationally hated by Republicans...."

Republicans oppose Obama and his policies because we believe they are not good for the country. "Hatred" has nothing to do with it. But even if it did, it wouldn't be "irrational". An example of "irrational hatred" is wanting Robert DeNiro dead because of that mole on his face. Disliking a politician who is arrogant and narcisstic, and who attempts to greatly reduce freedom and expand the reach of government, while taking great pains to ruin the economy while apologizing to our enemies and pissing off our allies, is hardly "irrational".

Of course, you can compare the Republican sentiment for Obama to the Democrat sentiment for George W. Bush. Which looks more like "irrational hatred"?

Anyway, the article concludes by saying...the President needs to communicate better. Yeah: it's not his policies or his ideals which are causing him so much trouble; he needs better speechwriters!


* * *

Meanwhile, Victor Davis Hanson does a compare-and-contrast with Bush and Obama.

* * *

The Curmudgeon Emeritus plans to burn a Koran on 9/11 "Burn A Koran Day!"

I don't know. I like his thinking and I'm just ornery enough to want to burn a Koran, just because I know it'll piss off a bunch of savages. On the other hand, I don't want to go buy a Koran just so I can burn it. Maybe I'll write "The Koran" on a piece of paper 100 times and burn that.

(I won't write it longhand. I'll use Word, and do a "cut-and-paste".)

Come to think of it, that ought to be almost as good: burning the Koran in effigy.


* * *

The price of gold is going up. Inflation or increased demand? (Why can't it be both?)

I expect the rise is, in fact, because so many people who still have any money left are moving it into things which retain value. If you expect a lot of inflation, you buy gold, because a given mass of specie can be traded for fiat currency at whatever the exchange rate may be. If you buy gold and inflation occurs, your net worth will survive the inflationary period.

If you keep your money in paper, though, when the paper becomes worthless so will you. You could have a billion dollars in the bank, but if it takes ten million to buy a loaf of bread, you ain't rich any more. (You are, in fact, destitute: one billion will only buy a hundred loaves. Think about that: your billion dollars is worth about $200 in 2010 dollars.)

* * *

This kind of common sense is increasingly rare. Munchkin Wrangler talks about the restaurant which has banned screaming kids.

I too support this restaurant's policy. I don't have kids; I don't want to hear screaming children when I'm out for dinner. I don't want to hear them screaming when I'm at the supermarket, or the mall, or anywhere that they ought to be using their "indoor voices". There are plenty of places where it's perfectly okay for kids to scream. Parks, other amusement centers--but especially not a restaurant. (Fast food possibly excepted.)

Whenever I hear a kid screaming, I don't blame the kid, though I wish he'd shut the hell up; I blame the parents. "You can’t help it if your kids scream." The hell you can't.

* * *

I don't like cities, so I understand Vox Day's point, here, implicitly.

* * *

I could only watch about two minutes of this video. It made me cringe a lot.

See, trains are big machines. They weigh a lot, and they won't even notice if you're in the way. The person driving that train might see you fall while you're crossing the tracks, and he'll throw the brakes into "emergency", but it won't help and there'll be approximately fuck-all he can do about it. Unless you get out of that thing's way, you'll get mangled.

At the 2 minute mark is this woman, who's apparently dropped something on the tracks and is looking around the corner to see if the train is coming. I keep expecting her to get clobbered in the head. That's where I stopped.

...but I just now gutted it up and went on: it's a video of "near misses", after all. Ah, I think it's video of that woman who dropped her cell phone and jumped down to retrieve it. ...then her foot contacts the third rail and she goes limp, as the subway train approaches.

The train BARELY stops before running over her. If it had gone one foot further, she'd be dead.

But she gets up and staggers around, because that third rail carries an awful lot of voltage and current. Hell, she's lucky that didn't kill her.

So: if you watch that video, be forewarned: it's cringe-inducing because it's a bunch of pedestrian near-misses.

* * *

This happens all the time. If I had a dollar for every time anyone where I worked (self included) ignored those labels on boxes, I could buy Target. You just can't stack that stuff any other way except in pallet lots. If you get three freaking tables in, you can't stand them on end; they'll fall over and break.

If you have a pallet's worth of them, sure--line 'em up on end and wrap the thing and put it up. But a handful? Even a half-pallet? Forget it. They're heavy; they'll fall over and break.

Besides which, a lot of those instructions apply mainly to the guys who load the trucks for shipping. If you have glass tables stacked like that and the truck hits a bump, some will break. But just sitting in the store, the tables are packed well enough to handle that.

* * *

I was talking a bit the other day about the omatase (teaser) segments for Mayoi Neko Overrun being animated using motion capture. I mentioned Umenomori's maids.

Well, here is Chisa Umenomori and her maids, Satou and Suzuki, in bathing suits:

I like Suzuki the best.

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