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#2281: My bed broke, damn it!

I got maybe 5 hours of sleep, and had been up since 8; so I laid down thinking I'd take an afternoon nap.


Me: WTF??

Well, one of the side rails had been creaking ominously and I kept putting off doing anything about it, so really it is my fault. That doesn't make it any easier to put up with having to find tools and supplies and do freakin' carpentry when all I wanted was to take a damn nap. *sigh*

Got up, tore down the damn bed, and found out that the part of the side rail which supports the slats which support the box springs had not just broken off, but had actually broken apart as well. I decided I'd replace it if I could find the right piece of wood in the garage.

So I found a long enough piece of 1x2 in the garage, and grabbed all my C-clamps and bar clamps and a hammer, and the bottle of Gorilla Glue, and got to work.

The last time this happened--yeah, this is the second time I've fixed this bed--I had to fix both rails. The part you see is veneered plywood; the support rail is screwed, nailed, and glued to it. Of course, gluing to veneer is a bad idea and screws are generally not enough.

This bed frame is old. I don't know how old, but I suspect it's eligible to collect Social Security; it came from my uncle's mother's house and she was not young when she died. (My uncle is in his 80s now.) The wood used is pretty cheap, but it looks really nice. (The broken support rail I removed--it feels it's made of basswood. There's no way that's so; it's got to be some cheap-ass grade of pine, because basswood wouldn't be strong enough.)

I ended up fixing a weak spot on the side that didn't break, too: the foot end of the rail was loose. It probably doesn't matter since the foot of the bed is part of the support for the box springs, but I glued it anyway.

One of the slats was cracked, so I busted it all the way and slathered that with Gorilla Glue, too, before fitting the pieces back together. It's got a cinder block holding it together.

In general, Gorilla Glue lives up to its name. If you put two pieces of wood together with it, and do it correctly, they won't come apart, ever, unless you cut them apart with a saw. "Correctly" involves being able to get both pieces of wood wet and covered with Gorilla Glue. "Wet" because the stuff is water-activated; and of course the more area that you cover with glue, the better the adhesion. They need to fit fairly well together, but the fit need not be perfect as the stuff expands.

Whatever you do, make sure you put newspapers down first. The stuff which expands past the joint will drip and it will not come off whatever it drips onto. And don't get it on your hands, because it's not easy to get off skin, either.

* * *

Saturday I ran errands and did the shopping. I ran my butt off for six hours on 3 hours of sleep.

I'd phoned in RX refills of both anti-anxiety meds to Wal-Mart (on Wednesday) because I needed a Xanax refill. Of course the doctor's office had not yet gotten back to the pharmacy, so my Xanax refill was still pending. Naturally the one I didn't need (Paxil) was ready and waiting.

I'm going to have to tell that doctor: either give me more refills, give me an RX for a longer period (90 days instead of 30 would be good) or get your damn staff to move their asses.

Dropped the defective wiper motor off at FedEx for shipping--Rockauto e-mailed a pre-paid label, which I just had to print and tape to the box--and hit Borders for Kimi ni Todoke #5. They also had Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya so I snagged that. In my enthusiam I also grabbed "Sigh of..." and was standing in line before I realized that I'm waiting for "Disappearance of...". I already have "Sigh", so I put it back.

I almost bought Ichigo 100% #11, but decided against it.

Anyway, I've already finished reading both of the books I bought. The next KnT volume comes out in November, I think. *sigh*

Mom was with me the entire time: bank, Indiana for Mom's smokes, FedEx, Borders, Wal-Mart, Jewel-Osco, home...then I went off to Walt's by myself to do the shopping. I got through with the shopping in record time (got lucky because there were cashiers waiting when I was done shopping); got home, got the groceries in, helped Mom with sorting stuff...and then I just collapsed. I hit the sack around 4-ish and slept until 11:30 PM.

As you can see, yesterday was quite a busy day; and so I'd decided I wasn't going to feel guilty about doing nothing today. But my bed had other ideas.

* * *

Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya neatly brings me current in the Haruhi Trifecta: manga, anime, novels. The only story arc missing from my ken now is "Disappearance of...". I haven't seen or read anything about what happens in that arc, and it looks like I'm going to be waiting until the movie hits the torrents. (Assuming it does. I don't know that it will. I hope it does. The TV series are in commercial release, which worries me that I'm going to have to wait God knows how long to see what else happens.)

* * *

There are at least 11 volumes of Kimi ni Todoke, and I've seen five. As of volume 5 we're already up to about halfway through episode 19 of the anime.

Speaking of which...

About 6 minutes into ep 20 is one of the funniest moments of the series. It's not a spoiler for me to say what's funny about it: Sawako's reaction to something Ayane says. Sawako does this wordless blubber, because she's feeling sorry for Chizuru, and it's so cute and hilarious it invariably cracks me up. The writing in the series is so good you know what Sawako is feeling and why she's feeling it; and the performance is perfect.

But if we're at the story presented by volume 5 of the manga in ep 19, it means that there has to be more story to be told than what is in the anime. I mean, unless things really slow way the hell down, I don't see how it can take six volumes of manga to tell the story contained in about 5.5 episodes of anime for TV. Not when a similar number of volumes was covered by 19 eps.

It means one of three things: either the live action show will have more story in it than the anime does; there will be another anime series in spite of the live action one; or there won't be any more story told in video than there is and the rest of the story will just have to come from manga. (Or, fourth option, now that I think of it: Kimi ni Todoke "final movie".)

...and that assumes that the series ends at volume 11. I'm making that assumption because it seems reasonable, but I could just as easily be wrong. Maybe there's going to be even more of this stuff.

All told there's no way that thinking about it--in the absence of any new information--can get me anywhere, so I'm just going to enjoy what I can see of it and not worry too much.

* * *

Kiss X Sis--I should have known that the title of episode was a double entendre: "What? A dripping wet summer delusion?" About 2/3 of the ep took place at a water park, you know, so I thought that was probably about it; but...

Well, without spoilers, I can't explain it. (At least it didn't involve anyone accidentally peeing on someone, like ep 5 did. This series is beyond ecchi; it's borderline hentai. And it's a freakin' TV series!)

I think I like Kiryuu-sensei, though, on balance. You've got to love the buxom otaku type. Her refrigerator is filled with beer and her apartment is filled with otaku stuff. Heh.

* * *

After sleeping and eating, last night, I did some WoW, and power-leveled Erogami's blacksmithing. Now it's something like 130. She's 26th level, so she's about ready to move from the Barrens into Ashenvale and start questing there.

* * *

I watched the car shows today, for the first time in months. They were, for a change, all episodes I hadn't seen.

Horsepower TV was the usual BS, though: take a brand-new $35,000 Z28 and throw $3,000 worth of parts at it to improve its performance. This was in comparison to a prior ep in which they took a different brand-new $35,000 Z28 and threw $7,000 worth of parts at it to improve its performance.

(No word on whether or not these modifications would void your warranty. My guess: "very yes".)

In general I don't like it when they do this kind of stuff. Look: any old swinging dick with a shitpile of dough can buy a new muscle car and make it faster by adding thousands in performance upgrades. It doesn't even take any skills past the basic ability to handle tools and follow instructions, because all these things are kits.

I'm supposed to be impressed with the Henessy Camaro because it's got a 1,000 HP engine? Guess what? I'm not.

It reminds me of when I'd read VW Trends magazine and the articles would talk about how so-and-so "restored" his Beetle: he took it to X to have the body work done, and took it to Y for the mechanical work, and Z did the upholstery, and AA did the sound system, and BB did this-and-that. You know, "so-and-so" didn't do anything but write checks, and I don't find that impressive at all. Certainly he didn't invest any effort or skill in the restoration of the car; just money.

I'm much more impressed with the car that some guy built in his garage than I am with the 100-point show car sitting next to it which was carted around to various shops where all the work was done. The show car may be the very image of perfection, but anyone can pay an expert to do the work for him and get similar results. It turns into a contest of who has deeper pockets and can afford to hire the best guys rather than a testament to the owner's skill and dedication to his car.

That's why I like Extreme 4x4 and Muscle Car; they do everything themselves, with few exceptions. Most of the projects in the former series are designed and built by the guy on the show; he does all the bending and cutting and welding himself. Well--there are mechanics on hand to help, of course, but the guy does the work too.

That impresses me a hell of a lot more than some douche with a trailer queen that he paid other guys to build for him.

* * *

Well, it's 3:30 now; I wonder if the Gorilla Glue has finished curing?

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