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"10/10/10 mania: 'Divine time' or pagan 'divination'?"

...see post title.

* * *

"Whoops! No! Ha ha ha! I meant 'capitalism'!" Sez Fidel Castro.

* * *

It's a bad idea to eliminate copilots. Bad idea indeed.

* * *

George Will: "Americans have good reason not to believe in Obamanomics". Good, good! We need more prominent people to use that term!

* * *

...that's really all I've got. I had a tab bar full of links, but as I looked at them again I decided they were either things I'd commented on before at length, or else they were just more of the same old BS.

In order:

The "10/10/10" nonsense: my quip is all the comment that idiocy deserves.

Fidel supposedly being misunderstood: is it senility rearing its ugly head? One can imagine ol' Raul saying to Fidel, sotto voce, "No! No no no! 'Capitalism'! 'Capitalism'!" And Fidel straightening and saying, "Err, yeah, I meant 'capitalism'."

Copilots: I talked about that before when it was an idea from that "standing room only in airplanes" moron. It isn't any better now that an aircraft manufacturer is talking about it.

George Will: He correctly points out that the failed risky scheme we call "Obamanomics" extends to things like "Cash for Clunkers". What the hell is it about Democrats that they can't grasp the simplest fundamental of economics, the laws of supply and demand? That if you reduce the availability of a scarce commodity, its price rises?

* * *

The other day I was sitting here and cudgeling my brain for something to write about, and as I usually do at those moments I fired up FREECELL. That time I completed my 7000th winning game. Out of 7000 played.

Yeah, I have no life.

* * *

Well: it looks like the asphalt guys are replacing sewer pipes while they've got the street torn up. That explains why they went down to dirt. It also explains why they're tearing up some peoples' front yards. And it makes sense to do so while you've got the street torn up anyway.

On my morning walk, I also discovered that the bass throbbing comes from the grader they're using to level out the new subbed. Man, what a noisy machine that is.

* * *

Well! It's been four weeks since I sent in my FOID card app.

* * *

My right hand is bugging me today. I think I strained it when I was fixing the bed yesterday. So my thought that I might get after the vehicle work today is now inoperative, because I don't want to strain my hand again.

* * *

Tesla owners apparently don't understand that most of the electricity in the United States comes from burning coal. All these cars are doing is shifting their "greenhouse gas emissions" to a coal-fired power plant.

Yeah, you Tesla owners who think your car is "sun powered"? You're delusional. And stupid.

* * *

Okay, I'm going to finish this by talking about the music for To Aru Majutsu no Index.

The 2nd OP theme, "Masterpiece", grew on me; now it's on my MP3 player. At the same time, I discovered that the extra-cool insert song "Jellyfish" (from ep 23) comes from the same source as "Masterpiece", and I had it, so I converted it and put it on the player, too.

Mami Kawada is the artist who does these songs. I'm going to have to try to find more of her work.

IDK, some people like Yoko Kanno, primarily (it seems) for her work on Cowboy Bebop, but I didn't really like the music from that series. A couple of her songs from Ghost in the Shell are pretty good, though.

...but that's three songs by Kawada that I've heard that I've ended up really liking. There's one other on the OP single CDs that I haven't seriously listened to; it's more like a ballad than the pseudo-techno-ambient stuff that the other three are. It's got a complex texture similar to the ambient stuff I like.

Kenji Kawai is still the top of the heap, as far as I'm concerned.

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