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#2285: Not a Thing!

I have nothing this morning. Except for two links; the first one fits the post title and the second one doesn't.

This is not a VW Type 181 "Thing". It's a Thing body adapted to fit a Bronco frame.

It is especially not worth $15,000.

* * *

Idiot girl gets 9 years for manslaughter. She was drunk, going 90 MPH, and texting when she had an accident which killed her passenger. (Gee, how the hell could that have happened?)

The moron's attorney "...said he and the family were not prepared for such a severe sentence and his client was 'crushed.'"

Yeah? Well, the girl's friend got kind of "crushed", too, didn't he? Fatally "crushed"?

"In addition to stopping at bars in Baltimore and smoking marijuana during the trip, Hoffman also brought along and consumed a bottle of Captain Morgan Rum,..."

Wait, she's 19--remind me what the legal drinking age in the United States is, again?

I don't think 9 years for incredibly irresponsible behavior which ends someone's life is excessive.

* * *

Other than those two things there is nothing in the news or commentary that I want to discuss today.

Anyway, it looks like it's going to be a busy week. Yesterday there was some banking stuff to take care of, and the yard work. Today I may have some time to get after the car work I've been putting off for more than a week, but I've got to stay close to home because of some other things I'm not at liberty to discuss here. Wednesday--more errands. Thursday and Friday, still more running around to do.

I was going to accept Og's invtation to go to the International Machine Tool Show (I think that's what that acronym stands for) but this week has unexepectedly turned into a busy one.

I dislike saying "no" to invitations, particularly to several in a row. People get the idea you don't want to hang around them. Even when they're understanding of your situation, there's always an undercurrent of, "Does he really have all that shit going on?"

Sailor V has reasons he can't get out all that often, and I know all about them; but every time I try to set up a meeting he ends up having to cancel because of them, and eventually I start wondering "WTF?" (Even though I know he's on the level about it, because what does it get him to lie?) It's just bad luck, is all.

In my case, the former time Og said, "Come on by!" I was in the grips of a sinister gut ailment; this time, it's just stuff that needs doing. Some of it may redound to my benefit, so I have to jump on it.

So I'm going to miss out on IMTS this year. *sigh*

* * *

Yesterday was hot enough that I turned on the AC. It was only on for about 7 hours; and it looks like we won't need it at all today.

* * *

*sigh* 8:20; Time to get moving, I guess.

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