atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2286: I must've been on drugs just then!

...somehow I totally misunderstood what Mom told me, so I might actually be able to go to IMTS after all. Maybe on Friday, if things work out. Tomorrow and probably Thursday are spoken for, *sigh*, but my situation is definitely better than I'd thought.

* * *

So I went out to Pick-n-Pull in Hammond to see if I could score a trailer hitch for the Jeep.


I found one in near-perfect condition. I'm not kidding; it looked like it had just been put on the truck, that's how new it looked. It even still had all its labels on it! A nice Draw-Tite Class III hitch, requiring only that I remove eight bolts!


I got the four on the driver's side out. The four on the passenger side did not come out. I ended up leaving the damn thing on the truck and coming home.

In retrospect, I realize what I did wrong: I tried to loosen the bolts on the passenger side. The driver's side ones, they all broke, but for the rearmost one; it came loose, and then turned, so I decided to try the ratchet on it...and that is when I realized that I had been trying to tighten, rather than loosen, the bolts, which is why they broke.

If I had just tightened the passenger side bolts until they broke, I'd have gotten a near-new trailer hitch for $25 and tax.

*insert sobbing, weeping, and wailing here*

As it is, the passenger side bolts just turn. I'd have to cut them to get the thing off; and I am NOT going to sit out there with a freakin' hacksaw trying to cut a grade 8 bolt when I have about two inches of maneuvering room.

If I had a portable compressor, I could hook up my cutoff tool to the thing and I'd burn those damn bolts off in a matter of minutes. If I had some kind of battery-operated cutoff tool, I could do it that way, too. But I don't.

...hey, wait a minute.

Harbor Freight--which is on the way to the boneyard--sells a nut splitter which is just the right size (7/8") for $10.

Hopefully, that trailer hitch will still be on that truck Thursday, because I've got a plan! (Can't go Wednesday: Mom has an afternoon Doc appointment.)

* * *

"The nanny state has blown the bank."

Boy, has it: The US federal debt is more than all the money in the world. LITERALLY.

Yeah, this ain't gonna end well.

* * *

Rockauto sent a replacement wiper motor, and it looks like it's wired correctly; so after I've had dinner and a shower I'm going to go buy some fuses and try putting it in, and see if I got a good part this time.

...and then again, I might not. I feel pretty well-tenderized right now.

* * *

On the plus side, I took the Escort to the boneyard, having first to inflate the front driver's side tire and add a quart of oil. It started right up even though it sat for at least a month; I think the last time I actually drove it was early August.

* * *

Man, I had this stupid dream this morning that the FBI arrested me for having a SCSI-2 card in my backpack. "I'm going to arrest you for this violation of the Taker-Breaker law!" The fed said truculently.

Since when the hell are SCSI cards contraband? I need a new subconscious, damn it.

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