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Surprisingly, I slept all night last night.

I was talking to Sailor V on the phone after my post-prandial shower, and I found myself speaking less and less coherently; finally I rang off and hit the hay. when I woke up around 6-ish this morning, I felt pretty good; and to my surprise my hands and arms felt fine, too. So I decided, WTF, I'd go back to Pick-n-Pull (with a stop at Harbor Freight on the way) and see if I couldn't snag that trailer hitch. I fell asleep again and woke up around 8:30, feeling good.

Checked their web sites--both places opened at 8 AM, so I put myself together and went. Put a hammer and chisel into the toolbox; stopped at McDonald's for a couple of Egg McMuffins, which I ate on my way to Harbor Freight. There I picked up a nut splitter for $10. Bopped on down the road to Pick-n-Pull without trouble. (I started to worry.)

When I got there, the hitch was still there; so I sat down and got to work. First up, pull out the nut splitter and see what I could do with it.

It worked...sort of. I was able to make huge gouges in the faces of the nut, but because of the way the tool is made the chisel would turn, and this would keep the thing from cutting the nut completely. Argh.

The front nut, I couldn't get the thing onto, so I took a suggestion from Og and made with the drilling. After about an hour's work, all told, I had that nut split, and off. One down, two to go.

I worked some more and then had to get some water; so I packed up my stuff and went out to my car, where I downed 2/3 of a quart of Gatorade and mulled my options. While I was doing so I realized that I could get the rearmost bolt off by drilling into the head and then attacking it with hammer and chisel.

Thus fortified, I returned to the hulk and continued.

I was able to drill the bolt head quite handily. The hammer and chisel part, however, did not go as well. But seeing that it was now canted slightly, I decided to try loosening it...and it came right out.

Two down, one to go.

I looked at that last nut, three faces mangled; I tried drilling it, too, but the drill was pretty much out of power by this point. Finally I put a socket on it and applied torque; mirable visu it wasn't too mangled to stand up to torgue, and the bolt wasn't turning.

I didn't have enough strength left in my arms, so I got myself in position to use my feet...and I tightened it until it broke.

I double-checked: yes, all the bolts were out. I kicked the trailer hitch; it fell to the ground with a metallic clong.

I got up, picked it up, held it over my head, and yelled, "MORTAL COMBAT!"

Then I saw the guy one row over, and said, "Sorry about that. I've been trying to get this thing off for two days."


For about six hours of work and just shy of $30 after tax, I've got a Class III hitch for my Jeep.

Now all I have to do is put it on. *sigh* That's a project for another day. I'm too well-tenderized to even think about something like that right now.

* * *

An open-wheel hot rod made from a Camaro. I don't care what anyone else says; I like it.

* * *

So O'Donnell wins the Delaware primary, and now the GOP is backing her.

Jesus Christ. If it weren't for the Democrats I'd already be something other than Republican.

On the plus side, at least they are getting behind the candidate the people selected, so at least we've got that much going for us. But O'Donnell (or someone like her) should have been the GOP's preferred nominee in the first place. That she wasn't indicates how far left the GOP leadership is. (Which is approximately three millimeters to the right of Joe Lieberman. Who's about a mile left of Ronald Reagan, who is smack-dab in the middle of where the party leadership goddamned well ought to be, and where we need to run to win elections, always-always.)

The RINOs in the GOP leadership are having a temper tantrum over it.

O'Donnell is not the only true conservative who downed a RINO last night.

Vox Day titles this post "RINO Rage", appropriately enough.

The rank and file are getting damned sick of the GOP leadership not listening to them.

* * *

Strangely, a whole bunch of people bought guns last year, and now violent crime has dropped.

* * *

Unions love to spout that "CEOs make X many times what someone making minimum wage earns!" I think it's like 400x or some other ludicrous figure. I've discussed before why the comparison is meaningless, so I don't think I need to reiterate that right now.

But: the head of the teacher's union in New Jersey makes $550,000 per year, which is probably on the order of 18 times what a brand-new teacher earns. (Assuming a teacher makes about $30,000 per year. What's entry-level for teachers, these days?)

* * *

Finally--I gotta hit the showers tout suite--the one on the right really needs to invest in some bras, because she's got a bit of a problem with sagging...but really, who cares?

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