atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2293: Where the hell is the ACLU? As usual?

Public school kids taught how to pray to allah at a mosque on a field trip.

For balance, will their teacher take them to a synagogue and a Catholic church and let them pray there?

Ha! I am such a funny man!

* * *

Mao killed 45 million people in 4 years.

Man, Hitler only managed to off about 6 million or so in a similar time--Hitler was a piker compared to Mao. But Mao is still idolized by a whole slew of idiots in this country, plenty of whom wish they could seize power the way he did.

No one on the left is going to hear about this and realize, "Holy shit! Communism is bad!" It just goes to show: the left doesn't really care about how many people die as long as one of their fellow travelers is in charge of things.

* * *

Still feeling rotten, I got up around 3-ish and went to the store for supplies. I wanted chili for dinner.

The exact formula my Dad used when he made chili has been lost. I made my best approximation of it; it's not perfect but it's pretty good. (At least in part because I used freshly-picked green peppers.) I may have gone too light on the chili powder, but it's easy to put in too much. I like the flavor I got, so I'm not going to mess with it. I had a nice bowlful of it with a good-sized chunk of ginzo (Marconi's) bread.

So here I sit, sweating and feeling woozy, but at least I've got some good food in my stomach.

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