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#2294: Musings

As good as that pot of chili I made was, it loses something by the third bowl. But it's still good; it's what's for breakfast!

* * *

I keep thinking about adding freewheeling hubs to the Jeep's front end. Now that I know the front wheels don't decouple from the differential when the 4WD is off, I'm thinking maybe I ought to go ahead and get me a kit to shut 'em off when I don't need them.

I bet that would improve my fuel economy, if nothing else.

* * *

Since I had the model number of the hitch I scored at the boneyard, I was able to download the installation instructions. This Internet thing is useful.

* * *

My poor Dad always used to like to add kidney beans to chili. But as a little kid I hated them and always complained about them, so he showed great indulgence and forbearance and stopped adding beans to his chili.

What did I get when I got the supplies for chili? A can of kidney beans.

...I had finished my dinner yesterday when I realized that I'd forgotten all about them. So I added them after.

If you want to bitch at me because "real chili doesn't have beans in it!" STFU. I add beans because they have fiber and nutrients in them. And because they add protein, which I need since I've got chronic hypoglycemia.

I'm sitting here eating chili with italian bread. Don't tell me what's good.

* * *

Sounds like the construction guys are working today. Well, they lost a day last week to weather, so I suppose it's to be expected.

* * *

I still feel cruddy, but I feel better than I did. A hell of a lot better. Like, "day and night" better.

I think it's the chili.

* * *

"Should have known" department:

Watching the car shows this morning, Horsepower TV actually looked like it would be interesting: they got a '55-ish Chevy in with a big blown motor and frame cracking, and they said they were going to fix it.

Then I found out how: by throwing $15,000 worth of parts at it.


Those guys never fix anything; they buy brand new parts and replace it all. In this case, they went out and bought an entirely new frame (I mean brand new, aftermarket). "Okay," you might say, "repairing a badly cracked frame may be of dubious utility." Sure. It kind of makes sense to replace the frame, since the original one obviously can't handle the power and torque from that massive supercharged big-block.

...then they put all new components on it. Brakes, suspension, everything.

In fact, my "$15,000" figure is wrong, because they're also replacing he engine and transmission. If they are, in fact, spending less than $25,000 on this project, it would be a minor miracle. I'd wager this project is costing somewhere north of $30,000, because one doesn't build a twin-turbo engine for peanuts.

If it wasn't smack-dab in the middle of the Powerblock, I wouldn't watch it at all. It's a useless freaking show.

* * *

Well, we're going to get a thunderstorm. I don't care; I still don't feel like doing anything outside. Bleah.

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