atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2300: What fatuous crap.

I just heard a story on the radio about how the recession ended in June of 2009 "for business, not for people."

What the fuck kind of shit is that?

The guy saying that was trying to match reality to the failed BS that the economy is "recovering", and he failed.

What is a business? It's an entity which is designed to generate profit by providing a good or service; but you cannot have a business without people. Someone has to own it at the very least; and no business exists in a vacuum. The business which sells and services computers still needs someone to print their letterhead and make their desks and sell them parts and....

And a typical business must have more than one person doing things. A very small business may consist of one man; but even that one-man business relies on other large businesses for its materials and equipment.

A business can't make money without spreading it around to its employees, because people don't work for free; you can't have an economic recovery unless the people are making money. And the people aren't making money.

* * *

Limbaugh was talking this morning about what the upcoming election means for the RINO "Democrat Lite" GOP leadership. He predicted that they'll remain entrenched; no one is going to come to Jesus because of this election.

He's right; we not only need to defeat the RINOs now, but we need to continue to defeat them in future elections.

Let the goddamned RINOs go and be Democrats, if they don't like the idea of being conservatives. You want to be squishy, go be a member of the party of squish. You want to look down your nose at your constituents, you go be a Democrat; then you can look down your nose at the Democrat constituency. They deserve it anyway.

* * *

Limbaugh pointed out something very interesting, and it was something I hadn't noticed: whenever a squishy RINO wins, we're all supposed to get behind him and support him. But when a conservative wins, it's perfectly all right for the losing squishybitch to endorse the Democrat or run as an Independent.

That shit's got to stop.

* * *

(Hmm, "squishybitch"...I'll have to remember that. It rolls off the tongue better than does "RINO".)

* * *

Notice that Karl Rove is suddenly a media darling? Right now he's the alpha squishybitch of the GOP, second only to Steele; and the media loves him--the way they love all Republicans who are critical of other Republicans!--precisely because he's coming out so vehemently anti-O'Donnell.

The media loves it when prominent Republicans get up and denigrate conservatives; they love it to pieces, because they hate conservatives with a passion. They hate conservatives more than they hate child molestors.

Karl Rove was the liberal antichrist for a decade, but now that he's spouting shit about a conservative, suddenly they love him.

Hypocrites all. Including Rove.

* * *

All of this, however, will hopefully serve as a goad to the conservative base, and get them all out in record numbers this fall, and crush the Democrat Regime's rule of Congress.

Getting Congress out of Democrat hands is only the first step. Next we have to start eliminating the squishybitch RINOs; get them de-elected and replaced with conservatives.

Once we have a conservative majority in Congress--preferaly veto-proof--then we can start cutting government 'way back. And I mean actual real cuts, not just reductions in the rate of growth.

...and while I'm dreaming, I'd like a Lamborghini.

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