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#2302: When the hell is Cataclysm going live?

...preparing to shut down the other BS and fire up WoW, I noticed the Blizzard background downloader thing going in the toolbar; I double-clicked it to see what it was doing.

"Downloading 'WoW-3.3.x-to-4.0.0-patch-NA-Stage-2'..." and "1000 MB of 3.97 GB".

Me: HO-ly shit!

I have to wonder how long it'll be before Cataclysm is going live, what with all this going on. Of course Blizzard wants all the users to be ready to patch when it goes live, to minimize downtime; especially since they're basically revamping the entire freaking world. That explains why they'd patch well in advance of the actual switch.

Still, when the hell is it happening? It's late September now; are they planning to go live in October? I'd thought they'd do it in November--just in time for Christmas season--but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they want to get it all running early and stabilized before a bunch of people get WoW cards for Christmas and start logging in by the million.

Anyway, I've already proven that my connection can handle torrents and WoW at the same time, so I'm still going to play.

* * *

Speaking of playing: it looks to me as if Horde players are a bunch of whiny crybabies.

I tried queuing for randoms with Slaughther. The first group was in Dire Maul; the tank and healer got killed. I hit /gloat after someone else hit /mourn; then the tank quit, and just before another player quit he accused me of making the tank quit, because I hit /gloat.

The tank couldn't hold aggro, so the healer got killed, and then the tank got killed after that. I managed to survive by the skin of my teeth, as did the other two DPS; yet it was my fault the tank quit? Give me a break. If he can't take chat text saying, "Slaughter gloats over everyone's misfortune," then he's a pussy; besides, at level 57 you should be able to hold aggro. If you can't, you're a shitty tank.

So after everyone left the instance I re-queued, and ended up in Blackrock Spire. Okay, this is fine; I kind of know that one and it's a good instance.

We managed to get past the rookery and we were doing pretty well...and then the tank did that horseshit where he draws aggro from a huge mob, leads them back to the party, and then leaves the dungeon. He didn't complain about anything; just suddenly did that and quit, and the healer quit at the same time. No idea WTF his problem was, but obviously he had his panties in a bunch over something stupid if he couldn't say anything before leaving.

Blizz ought to set the dungeon finder up so you can't "teleport out of dungeon" during combat.

Still, I power-leveled several of Slaughther's skills--herbalism and inscription are her professions, and I worked on cooking and first aid as well. Not a lot of XP for that stuff but I had fun, which is the entire point of playing the game in the first place.

* * *

It'll be interesting to see Cataclysm when it goes live. Even without buying the expansion, players will be able to fly in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms (finally!). And of course there'll be the map changes, such as the elimination of Ashenvale other one I can't remember. Two zones go away, and I really wish Ashenvale wasn't one of them; it would have been better if Azshara had been axed. I hate Azshara.

Oh well. I'll have fun regardless.

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