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#2303: "From 'Yes We Can' to beans and franks in twenty months."

Dang it, Limbaugh comes up with all the good lines. I guess that's why he makes $30 million per year and I sit here in my Mom's house.

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So the Democrat Regime is trying to say that the Bush Tax Cuts and the war in Iraq were what caused the economic downturn. They were "unfunded spending". why does it make sense to do more deficit spending? If "unfunded spending" caused the recession, why does it make sense to engage in it to such an extent it set an all-time record for deficits? The 2009 deficit was three times the prior record, set in 2008!

In 2008 the Democrat-run Congress spent $455 billion more than the federal government took in; in 2009 they spent $1,500 billion more. And they're set to spend a similar amount this year. If "unfunded spending" is what caused the recession, why do they continue to spend money they don't have?

How stupid do the Democrats think we are, anyway?

* * *

Francis Porretto makes an interesting point, parenthetically, in his post today:
(Even a fiction writer will struggle with the matter. One of the reasons I never finished Shadow Of A Sword, the planned sequel to On Broken Wings, is that its main antagonist is supposed to make Sauron look like a Salvation Army volunteer. That's a tough mindset to explore...well, for a mediocre writer with pretensions to personal decency, anyway.)
One of the still-pending projects in my SF ouerve is a story about the man who engineers the Marxist takeover of a penal colony world.

The place isn't really a penal colony any longer; oh, three of the worlds in the system still serve as jails, but it's become a robust technological society in its own right. (Kind of like Australia right now, it it were still taking convicts from England.)

The main character is an academic who detests the sitting "Administrator" and his government, and whose doctoral thesis was a blueprint for how socialism could be implemented in this colony. (He's also a homosexual and a pedophile; more on that later.)

He believes that he convinces his best friend that they could make it happen; and a group comes together and begins to implement the plan. (The main character's best friend--it is strongly implied that he has a sexual relationship with him, but I very carefully keep that as vague as possible for as long as I can.)

At the end of the story, when they achieve their goals, the main character retires from politics and returns to the ivory tower. A few years pass and he realizes that things are going wrong, that his friend is acting like a despot and not a comitted communist; and when our hero speaks out against it, suddenly he finds that his books are no longer in the libraries and he himself ends up being arrested and exiled. This is when I reveal the sexual relationship and of course his best friend repudiates that and says "that never happened". The homosexuality and pedophilia become the excuse for his best friend to make him an unperson, though it will be obvious that he was planning this all along.

The story is called The Useful Idiot. I think it's obvious who the title refers to.'s not an easy story to write. I think I've gotten about 50 pages of it on paper. The main character is not only a communist; he's a pervert. He knows what he's trying to do--he has all the lessons of history to show him what happens when communists take over--and yet he's trying to do the same thing to about nine billion people. And he succeeds.

He's evil. And it's not easy to write about someone who is evil when you are, as Porretto says, "...a mediocre writer with pretensions to personal decency."

(The post I'm quoting.)

* * *

Bono-head is a moron. I already knew that.

Keep digging, Bono. You'll find it eventually.

* * *

Watch out, Itchy! He's Irish!

* * *

Someone had better explain to me what the hell is going on here because I don't get it.

Federal agents try to arrest someone for digging in the sand? And you're not allowed to vidoetape on federal property?

* * *

"...[A] new poll shows independents still don't trust the GOP on spending. Can you blame them? The GOP has been "Democrat Lite" since 1996. Why should the independents believe the GOP when it says, "Okay, this time, we're really going to cut spending!"

Why should any of us?

* * *

As Limbaugh pointed out yesterday, the squishybitch sore loser Republicans are refusing to get behind the nominees selected by the party.

They're the elites! They're the smartest ones! They know what's what! How dare those idiot voters think they have a say in who they'll vote for in the general election?

* * *

Complete and utter bullshit.

The "ozone hole" is an annual thinning of the ozone layer over the Antarctic. It happens every year; it was first discovered in 1956 and it has happened every year since then. And every year the ozone layer has recovered.

Take a look at this graph from NASA, which I have edited to add two data points they don't include:

This graph takes the normal ozone levels--measured in Dobson Units (DU)--from years prior to 1980, and the low levels for years subsequent to it, and attempts to conflate them. What we're supposed to read from this graph is that the ozone over the Antarctic has been depleted!

As the two points I added show, however, it's more of the usual eco-bullshit masquerading as science.

In 1956--the year this phenomenon was discovered--the low measurement was 110 DU. The high measurement was somewhere around the normal level of about 300 DU. Two years later, as you can see, it was about the same. The high measurement was, of course, somewhere near the normal mean level of 300 DU.

In 2003 the low level was reported as 120 DU. It was horrible! It was so low! ...but notice that outside of the austral spring, the ozone over the Antarctic was--again--near the normal level of 300 DU, only about 20 units low.

The data point I plotted for the latter statistic, by the way, was a mean (average) figure, not a peak figure.

The dirty secret: the "ozone hole" existed before CFCs entered widespread use. It was discovered in 1956, explained, and quietly forgotten...until econazis decided they had to do something about CFCs.

The "ozone hole" is due to an annual meteorlogical phenomenon called "the southern polar vortex". It occurs right about this time of year.

You see: ozone is made when ultraviolet light is absorbed by oxygen in the atmosphere. UV light splits the O2 molecule and creates free oxygen radicals; some of them combine with other O2 molecules to make ozone, O3.

Problem: during the austral winter, there's no UV striking the Antarctic. And when things start to warm up around the time of the austral vernal equinox (Sep 21-ish) there's this massive circulation of air which semi-isolates the Antarctic atmosphere from the rest of the atmosphere. Various chlorine aerosols do their deed and destroy the ozone at the eye of this vortex; but there isn't enough sunlight to create new ozone, so the levels fall. As the austral spring progresses, the vortex fails and additional sunlight (including "midnight sun" around the austral summer solstice!) creates more ozone, and the "hole" disappears. (By the way: most of the chlorine in the atmosphere comes from the oceans.)

All of this was understood in the 1950s. Every year the ozone depletes; every year it recovers, and the magnitude of this variation has not materially changed in sixty years.

To borrow a phrase from Oppenheimer, the "ozone hole" is shit.

* * *

Oppenheimer told Leo Szilard, "Ah, the atomic bomb is shit." There was a TV movie about the Manhattan Project--sometime in the late '80s--and they actually used that line on TV. I'd taped it, and was watching it, and I couldn't believe my ears; he kind of swallowed the last word but it was pretty audible. I backed up the tape, turned up the volume, and sure enough:


...I imagined having a big fanfare about it, the way too many Hollywood types do these days whenever they think they're sticking it in "the establishment"'s eye. I imagined the guy playing Oppenheimer then turning to the camera: "That's right; I said 'SHIT'! I said 'SHIT!' on national TV! Shit! Shit! Shit!"

Then a marching band came out, with the guys at the front carrying a big banner that said "SHIT" on it--and "SHIT" was on the bass drums, of course, too, and on the things covering the bells of the tubas. Then Oppenheimer went on to add, "Here's what I said!" and pulls on a rope, which cues the crane operator to lower the gigantic 20-foot-high neon sign, which reads "SHIT" in big flashing letters.

Then the fanfare goes away and there's Oppenheimer and Szilard standing there, and Oppenheimer says, "Ah, the atomic bomb is FUCK."


Yes, I have a fertile imagination.

* * *

A woman recounts how her father taught her about radiation and nuclear power when she was in high school.

She doesn't say how her teacher reacted to all this, though.

* * *

The autumnal equinox (the boreal autumnal equinox, or the austral vernal equinox) (heh) is actually on the 23rd this year. Stupid orbital librations.

* * *

"Both parties are going to have conniptions!" Limbaugh said, of a political race in New York where the candidate who is not a Cuomo might win.

"Will they have kittens?" I asked the radio. "I like kittens."

Then I laughed.

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