atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2304: What about the PRESSURE, you morons?

Did you assholes miss class on the day they covered the gas laws?
"For some decades we've known that the large amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of Venus cause the extreme heat we observe presently," said study leader Lena Noack of the German Aerospace Center in Berlin.

Carbon dioxide and other greenhouses gases that led to Venus' hellish temperature....
What they don't mention is the surface atmospheric pressure on Venus. To find a similar pressure occurring naturally here on Earth you have to get underneath about half a mile of water.

Venus is so hot because it has 93 times the atmosphere that Earth does and it's much closer to the sun than Earth is. While the surface density of Venus' atmosphere is only 6.5% that of water, it's still ninety-three times the pressure at Earth's surface--93 atmospheres, about 1,400 PSI. Higher pressure means more mass per unit volume means a higher specific heat capacity.

Those assholes will do anything to "prove" that CO2 is the cause of global warming, even if they have to set planetary science back five decades.

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