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#2306: Is there any dessert better than key lime pie?

I don't think there is! It's so cool and refreshing!

* * *

Today's weather is a lot cooler than yesterday's, but it's sticky. I can't decide whether or not to open the windows or leave the AC on. Mom can't decide either; and the cleaning lady was here and she didn't have an opinion, either.


* * *

"All around me are nothing but fakes." (Quote from Wings of Honneamise.)

"The strategy of how to use these models is a secret."


You use them as decoys. How hard is that to figure out?

* * *

It's not hard to figure out why. OBAMA IS, AFTER ALL, A PRICK!

(Yes, I know it's The Onion and it's a parody. But he's still a prick. An asinine, arrogant, totalitarian prick.)

* * *

This is why the left loves Amahdinejad: he blames capitalism for poverty.

He's a freakin' Marxist! No wonder the Democrats don't want to do anything about Iran getting the atom bomb.

* * *

The Metrosexual in Chief says the US can absorb another terror attack.

Ace: This is a meme that has been circulating on the left for quite a while, usually secretly and among themselves only, but sometimes, ill-advisedly, being pushed out into public as a trial balloon.

Oh, yeah, 9/11 was peanuts and we can easily handle another one of those. I mean, after all, it wasn't like anyone important died, right? It was just little people who got killed. The terrorists didn't, for example, kill any congressmen or television journalists or anything! WTF, we have 300,000,000 people living in the United States, and relatively few of them are actually important. We could absorb all kinds of terror attacks, as long as the terrorists don't start hitting government buildings!

* * *

Jalopnik talks about "half-priced workers" building cars.

#1: $16 is not "half" of $28; it's 57%. $16 is half of $32.

#2: $16 an hour plus benefits for an unskilled job is pretty damn good pay.

#3: A lot of people (self included) are unemployed right now. We would love to be making "only" $16 per hour.

#4: Meet all the non-union employees who got screwed by Obama's interference in GM's bankruptcy so he could pay off the unions.

Sorry. No sympathy here, particularly not for union baby whiners.

* * *

Jimmy Carter must be dancing with glee that someone has finally come along to eclipse the incompetence and idiocy of his four years in office.

Mondale: Obama should "get rid of those teleprompters". The problem is, uhh, um, when Obama goes, umm, you know, off the, uh, teleprompter, he starts, uh, to, uh, stammer and, um, hem and haw, umm, because he's, uh, he's not the, uh, the orator everyone, uh, the great orator everyone says he is.

Without the teleprompter, Obama can't talk.

* * *

But of course the mainstream media gush over him because they've got a severe left-wing bias.

I don't know how many times people on the left have tried to tell me that the media isn't biased. The problem is, they were essentially asking me that old question: "Who are you going to believe? Me, or your own lying eyes and ears?"

* * *

Attention, Boss Tweek: we understand what ObamaCare is about. THAT'S WHY WE OPPOSE IT.

* * *

Og is talking about entering the 24 Hours of LeMons, and has asked me if I wish to participate.

I do; but the fiscal outlay is substantial. Despite that, I started thinking about what would have to be done to the $500 car in order to make it into a racer. Oh, it probably wouldn't be a serious contender but it'd be damn fun to take part in a race, and fun is the entire point anyway.

As I've said before, you have to have safety equipment (which doesn't figure in the $500 limit) for the car; and you also need it for anyone who'll be working as pit crew or driving: and nomex costs money. Og figures about $970 per person once you figure all the known costs (car, safety equipment, entry fees) and the engineer in me adds about 25% for unknown costs; so by my estimate each person is looking at spending $1,200 for an entire weekend of racing.


Still, I can't get my head out of the issue, because I would enjoy the hell out of it. I keep thinking: "If we got a 1995-ish Escort as our car, we could do this and that and the other thing to make it handle, and such and so modifications to the engine for better performance, and none of it would cost a dime. And I've got a spare drivetrain we could cost at zero since I pulled it from my car. Maybe charge its salvage value against the $500 total, fix whatever's making the thing use oil for as cheap as we can--or maybe not, since it's a spare!--and presto!"

...then I think, "Junkyard turbo" because the bottom end of that engine is stout enough to handle a few PSI of boost. And a stripped-down Escort would haul if you could do that.

I want to find a way to do it that doesn't include me selling internal organs or any of my cars. Sadly, I may end up just helping Og's team get their car ready, and then watch as they go off to the races. Still, that would be plenty fun in and of itself.

* * *

I haven't watched any anime since my Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 binge the other day. Oh well.

* * *

I had this crazy-ass dream that I was taking part in some Japanese play.

There's a Japanese production company, Takarazuka, which consists entirely of women. Women play all the roles, male and female alike. The play I was taking part in was put on by this theater company, and I was playing the lead, even though I'm a guy.

It was some major production with really elaborate costumes--lots of glitz and glamor--and for some reason I was supposed to be the best choice to play the lead even though I'm a chunky guy with a goatee and the character is supposed to be a high school girl or something.

Somehow I had missed the start of the play, but I didn't come on until the third or fourth scene anyway; I had to get from the back of the theater to the stage, and everyone knew I was playing the main character...and so I was beset by some of the creepiest damn groupies anyone ever saw. They were all old folks, all American for some reason, and just the fact that I was playing So-and-so-chan in this play was enough for them to act all fanatical over me, even though I was a nobody.

When I got to the stage, I realized I'd forgotten to bring my costume and my cue was about up, so I'd have to go on in my street clothes. Jesus.

* * *

No, I don't understand it, either. The last time I was ever in a play was 1979; I was in sixth grade.

* * *

PDB came up with a good idea for an anime series last night: a coming-of-age story about a group of lesbian tennis players who grow cat ears and tails when danger approaches!

When you really think about it, it's got everything the anime fan could possibly want. Catgirls. Yuri. Transformation sequences. Miniskirts with plenty of opportunities to flip up and expose panties. "It's like we've already won!"

Pity I can't draw for shit.

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