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#2311: What a difference the RIGHT DAMN PART makes

Beautiful weather today--nice and cool--so after breakfast and errands I decided to install the new rear wiper motor.

Having tired of the "remove old, install new, test, remove, install, remove, install, remove INSTALL REMOVE WTF WHY DO I HAVE TO KEEP DOING THIS?!?!?!?" BS, I closed the liftgate and plugged the new motor in before I actually installed it. I put in a fresh 20A fuse and turned on the power.


Ehh? YOU MEAN IT'S ACTUALLY WORKING?? I shut everything off and bolted the thing in place, and installed the wiper arm, and it actually wiped the way it's supposed to. It didn't stop in the middle like the old one did, either.

That being the case, I put the rear trim panel back in; that only makes a solid month since I took it out. Jesus Palimino.

Next I decided to have a gander at the trailer hitch. The bolt holes line up; the instructions say you have to drill one hole in the fuel tank skid plate (one on each side) but the nut for that bolt already exists in the frame rail, so you have to be careful. I could see that there's a nut in the unoccupied hole.

Problem: the bolts holding the skid plate on are frozen. I tried one and it certainly didn't mind my efforts. I'm thinking of paying the welding shop (or someone) to install the hitch for me, rather than do it myself, just because of that. (I'm certain they have plenty of experience at dealing with frozen bolts. Shoot, all they need to do is hit it with an acetylene torch, something I don't have.)

My big fear is having the damn bolt(s) break off rather than come out. That's why I'd rather pay someone to do it: let them deal with that headache.

On the plus side, the holes line up exactly--not that I expected anything else--and the thing will just bolt right in. If it took a pro shop all of an hour to do the install (they'd charge me a minimum of an hour regardless) I would be greatly surprised.

I can do the wiring myself--hell, Jeep made it simple by having a place to plug in a T-connection--so I'll probably just order a kit from somewhere. All I need is the hitch physically bolted to the truck. Heh.

* * *

It makes me really happy to see admitted domestic TERRORIST William Ayers actually having to face consequences of his actions--and from the ivory tower to boot.

He dedicated his book Prairie Fire to Sirhan Sirhan, who assassinated Robert Kennedy.

This dedication cost him "professor emeritus" status at U of I.

Michelle Malkin on this.

The Chicago Tribune.

He's not just a "Vietnam-era radical", guys; he is an AVOWED DOMESTIC TERRORIST. This man was part of an organization which SET OFF TIME BOMBS ON US SOIL.

He shouldn't even be a professor much less be out of jail!

* * *

Jon Stewart is "saddened by Obama". He's not the only one.

Stewart's disappointment stems from the fact that Obama made a shitton of empty promises that a lot of folks on my side said he'd never be able to keep anyway.

You know, like that crap Obama spouted about the planet healing and the sea levels dropping? Stuff like that.

If you're an Obama voter and now you're "disappointed" I have no sympathy for you. You got exactly what you voted for: an empty suit who's really good at telling people what they want to hear, and who had (and still has) zero record for actually delivering on those promises.

* * *

I don't understand WTF Mahindra is trying to do here. They've got a kick-ass compact diesel pickup truck, and people in the US would buy the damn thing, yet they're dragging their feet and pulling all kinds of asinine crap (and threatening to sue people who are so interested in their products they are making web sites about them!) and in general acting as if they couldn't care less about the US market.

It's fine if they don't, but then why bother with all the BS of attempting EPA certification and such?

* * *

I can't stand Stephen Colbert. Okay? He's a moron. He's not a conservative; he's the Hollywood left's caricature of a conservative, like Archie Bunker in the 1970s.

The notion that a comedian somehow knows anything about immigration policy is laughable, particularly when the comedian in question was born and raised in America. Okay? You want to get George Lopez up there to talk about immigration policy, MAYBE that makes a bit more sense. But Colbert? No. That's like having Sally Field testifying before Congress on agricultural policy because she starred in a movie about sharecroppers.

Hey, I played a super-rich man in a movie once; does that mean I'm qualified to testify before Congress on tax policy for the wealthy? Let's not be ludicrous--yet that is exactly the kind of thing which is happening with Colbert.

* * *

Noted Democrat Warren Buffett says we're still in a recession. It's nice to know that somebody out there is capable of comprehending reality. Of course, Buffett's bottom line depends on him understanding how the economy is working in reality, not in Keynesian theory basted with its own crackpot juices.

* * *

I have to agree with this question: If we can't afford $700 billion for tax cuts for the rich, why can we afford a $3,000 billion for tax cuts for the middle class?

If you're saying we can only afford the $3,000 billion, then why not spread that $3,000 billion out among all taxpayers? (I mean people who actually pay income tax, by the way, not people who get Earned Income Tax Credits over and above their tax refund.)

The fact is, the Democrats don't give a flying rat's ass about the deficit. They just don't want "the rich" to get a tax cut, because they think "the rich already have enough money".

If they cared about the national debt they wouldn't have run a $1,500 billion deficit two years in a row.

* * *

Seven million dollars per minute. That's the federal budget for 2010; $7,000,000 per minute, $116,668 per second.

* * *

It's looking as if the GOP's "Pledge to America" is nothing but marketing hype. "Hey, the 'Contract with America' got us control of the house in '94; let's try something like that again!"


* * *

"How dare you use footage of my uncle's advocacy of tax cuts to improve a faltering economy?"

John F. Kennedy would be a Reagan Republican if he were alive today, all else being equal. (He wouldn't be much good to us--the womanizing and the drugs "for his back" and all--but his politics in 1962 more closely match the hard right GOP today than it does the Democrat party.)

Of course, the Democrats don't like being reminded that they've moved left, and they certainly don't like it when one of their icons is shown to have held the opposite opinion of socialism to that of the current Democrat leadership.

Suck it, Democrats!

* * *

Air Force monster truck is built to resemble an aircraft the Air Force has tried to retire time and again.

The Air Force doesn't like close-in combat support. The Air Force prefers to drop bombs on stuff from 40,000 feet. But the Air Force won't let any other service take over close-in support roles because air support belongs to the Air Force!


* * *

Delphi employees who got screwed by Obama's takeover of GM's bankruptcy are going to get their day in court.
U.S. District Judge Arthur J. Tarnow denied an attempt to dismiss the retirees’ claim that their pension plan was terminated illegally in an agreement made between Delphi and the PBGC, not by court decision. He also would not dismiss a claim the retirees’ constitutional rights were violated when the pension plan was terminated.
Good! There have to be some consequences for the imperial presidency over this!

* * *

Fiero guys are the best.

* * *

Looks like about 2% of the population is gay. I have always said "5%" myself, figuring that 10% (Kinsey's figure) was too high and 1% (the Christian right's figure) was too low. I just averaged 'em.

2% makes as much sense as 5%. Point is, it's not "normal" by any reasonable standard. I think Vox Day's statement is apt: "Gays do not deserve approval for their inclinations but neither do they merit contempt."

Fair enough.

* * *

Just because your motorcyle can go so fast, it does not mean you should ride it in excess of the speed limit. That van was going 65 MPH when the motorcycle struck it from behind. Do you know how much force it takes to embed a motorcycle in a minivan like that?

The rider of that motorcycle somehow managed to survive that collision, which amazes the hell out of me.

* * *

The Justice Department under Obama has a policy of not protecting white voters. That's racism, isn't it?

* * *

Thanks to Bill Clinton, no one cares about infidelity among elected officials any more.
If [John Boehner] did have an affair -- then what? What? If he had an affair, then a 17% real unemployment rate is super-cool? Then we give up and go home because you took John "Captain Adrenaline" Boehner from us?
Boehner is the Democrats' target because he's the odds-on favorite to be Speaker of the House after the Democrats lose control of Congress. They're pre-soaking their denigrations of him; this is known as "laying the groundwork".

If Boehner doesn't end up being Speaker because of this, it's not--as Ace points out--going to make that much difference.

* * *

Haaa ha! HA! Good for that guy! If my kid had gotten in trouble for bringing a lighter to school--including have the police called because it's considered a "weapon"--then I for damn sure would report that the teachers also had similar "weapons" on hand.

Said the superintendent of this nuthatch, "It depends on your whole interpretation of what a weapon is. It's not a weapon as a knife is a weapon. But a weapon is anything that has the potential to cause harm."

Shit! I bet that school is full of things like that! Not just lighters! Pencils and pens! Scissors! Are there any buckets? Kids drown in buckets every year! What about sporting equipment? Hockey sticks and baseball bats are clubs!

"Oh, well, those items could potentially be used as weapons, yes, but they also have other uses."

Oh, you mean, they have other uses, the same as a CIGARETTE LIGHTER?

If you want to punish the kid for bringing a lighter to school, fine. But don't try to inflate it into some kind of stupid "Columbine precursor" or something! Shit. What the hell is wrong with taking the lighter away, telling the kid never to bring one to school again, and giving him a few detentions? Do they have to make a criminal case out of it?

Jesus Christ these people are freaking morons!

* * *

Here's another person helped by ObamaCare!

* * *

Here's another entry in the "don't take naked pictures of yourself" category:
Before giving your old laptop to your in-laws, make sure your husband actually deleted all the naked pictures of you off of it.
Or if you simply must have naked pictures of yourself--for whatever reason--don't store them on the computer. Buy a thumb drive or something and store them there. This isn't that difficult to figure out! Morons.

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