atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2312: "Last season"?

I just finished watching the season premiere of "the final season" of Smallville.


That's actually good, if you think about it, because the entire premise of the show originally was about Clark's high school life in Smallville; it wasn't originally intended to last so long that he'd be done with college and working as a reporter for the Metropolis Daily Planet and dating Lois Lane etc.

What would be even better would be if the same people then did a series revolving around the Justice League. Hell, with Green Arrow a regular in Smallville and Chloe serving as "Watchtower" they're already partway there as it is.

While looking for pictures of Allison Mack the other day I came across a news bit/rumor to the effect that she's only in five episodes of this season. *weep, wail, gnash teeth* But since it's the last season I'll watch it to the end instead of abandoning it after her last show. WTF, I've seen it from the beginning; with the end in sight, I might as well finish it.

The guy who played Lex Luthor in this ep--he was so not Lex Luthor. It takes more than a shaven pate to make a guy into Lex Luthor, and that guy was just not it. WTF, won't Michael Rosenbaum come back for the last season? (The guy appears to do a lot of voice acting for cartoons, according to his IMDB entry, so why not Smallville?)

(OTOH, SPOILER he was supposed to be an inferior clone of Lex, so that sort-of mitigates it. Still /SPOILER)

The ep felt a bit rushed. The solution to the cliffhanger end of last season was exactly what I had expected it to be. All told, though, I liked what I saw.

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