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#2314: What am I listening to?

Traveling Wilburys collection, which I bought a couple of years ago and listened to once, at work (warehouse duty that night). And I only listened to the first CD. There are three disks in this set; one is a DVD.

It's good music; I just kind of forgot I had it--and since I'd switched on the system to listen to some Bach (Brandenburg Concertos) I decided to listen to this too.

(Amazing: Bob Dylan is singing without mumbling in this! How the hell did that happen?)

* * *

There's this one scene in The Last Starfighter where Centauri (Robert Preston) is arguing with someone from Rylos about a bounty paid for the discovery of Starfighters. He sees Alex Rogan and hears that he's from Earth, and is obviously unhappy.

Rylian: [trilling sigh] Ii'sanjay! [spit noise]
Centauri: "Ii'sanjay"? Hon'ee matsuela! Pri'ttah! Pri'ttah!
Rylian: Prangye! Pri'ttah prangye!
Alex: What's that about?
Centauri: He's just excited! He's saying how glad he is you've come!

...once Alex can understand Rylian (thanks to a translator device attached to his collar) the Rylian is heard to say, "Return the money, Centauri!"

I don't know all the dialogue of that scene but the Rylian words are crystal-clear in my brain for some reason. I get the idea it was ad-libbed, but I have no idea whether that's so or not.

* * *

Speaking of Traveling Wilburys--

I can usually tell when Jeff Lynne is involved with the engineering of a song. He mikes the drums a certain way that is pretty distinctive; any longtime fan of ELO will know what I mean.

There are some Tom Petty songs which sound like Jeff Lynne was involved with the recording. Listen to "Free Fallin'" and "Learning to Fly". (Jeff Lynne does the background vocals, too.)

But many (most) of the Traveling Wilburys songs don't have that sound, oddly enough. ("End of the Line" does.)

I'm discovering, though, that I'm more of a "Jeff Lynne" fan than an "ELO" fan. It seems like as long as Jeff Lynne is doing the music, I'll probably like it.

The one-shot wonder "ELO II" which was composed of other ELO members (without Jeff Lynne) did not sound as good, nor was their music as good. I saw them performing live in concert when they doubleheaded with Kansas sometime in the 1990s; it was less than memorable. They're good musicians, don't get me wrong, but it's just not ELO without Jeff Lynne.

The ELO album "Zoom" was pretty much a Jeff Lynne solo album, for example. (And there's another one coming out this autumn some time. Can't wait.)

* * *

As I was going to sleep this morning, it was around 3 AM, and I thought, "Hey, it's around 7 PM in Japan; Kimi ni Todoke must be airing about now!" Heh.

* * *

Turns out Skullcandy headphones are a hipster douchebag snowboarder accessory. *sigh* I can't win! But they sound too good for me to give up.

There's an article in Reader's Digest this month about 'em. Well, a page, anyway.

* * *

Abandoning the "listening" theme: my allergies have kicked into high gear. My nose has been itching and running and....

The other day--Thursday--I decided to put in my contact lenses before going to Subway. No real reason; I just felt like wearing them. I hadn't used them since I'd gone to LensCrafters for new glasses; I figured, "WTF, it won't take that long to put 'em in."

Boy was I wrong. It's been a long time since I had that much trouble putting in contact lenses. Jesus.

And I only had them in for six hours, because they started feeling dry and sticky, the way they do when my allergies are cranked into high gear.

My eyes are a toxic environment for contact lenses anyway. In spring of 1985 I got "extended wear" lenses and loved them to pieces; they were supposed to be good for a year but by August/September they needed to be replaced because my immune system had just about shredded them.

The disposable kind are a boon to mankind, and to me specifically. What I really like is the kind you toss after one use. The kind I have now are good (supposedly) for 14 uses; we'll see if I make that or if I have to toss them before then.

Stupid ragweed.

* * *

I was playing WoW last night, and Slaughther actually managed to do a random with a group that didn't fall apart! Amazing!

Hit 61st level, got "Path of Frost" (so she can now walk on water) and soon I'll be going to Outland to get a flying mount and perhaps start questing there.

* * *

Most of the way through the second CD, there's only one song I got sick of and skipped: "7 Deadly Sins". It was annoying. The others have been good.

"Nobody's Child" goes on and on; it should be shorter. It's obvious why this is an "extra track". (Extra tracks are usually tracks which weren't good enough for the original release; they get hauled out specifically for collections like this one because generally only die-hard fans eager for new material will love them.)

Their cover of "Runaway" is also an extra, and they needn't have bothered.

So, 22 tracks out of 25--that's pretty good.

* * *

Collaborations like these usually do not work well because the people that are collected together have styles which are too different. I would not have thought that Dylan-Harrison-Lynne-Orbison-Petty would have made a good match; Dylan and Petty are similar and the other three could work together well enough.

But this collaboration didn't come about because some record executive said, "Hey, I've got an idea! We'll take these five great musicians and have them do an album!" No; these were guys who were friends and liked to jam together, and someone said, "Let's do an album! It'd be fun!" Since they were already used to playing together it wasn't hard for them to collaborate on an album; and since all of them are top-notch musicians they can play just about any style of music they set their minds to playing.

Pretty much I don't like Bob Dylan at all, and if you offer me Tom Petty "take it or leave it" I can mostly "leave it". I like one song by Roy Orbison (two if you count "Pretty Woman", of which I don't even have a copy. At least I do have a copy of "You Got It"). I'm pretty "meh" over the Beatles in general, which leaves George Harrison out. I like Jeff Lynne, as said above.

Somehow I end up liking Traveling Wilburys enough to buy the collection despite the fact that I'm only enthusiastic about the music of one member. Interesting. But while I think it's pretty decent music it's not "must-have" music for me; it'll probably be another couple of years before I need to listen to these CDs again.

"End of the Line" is definitely the best song of the lot.

Thus ends the review.

* * *

I have to wonder if the illness I had after extricating the trailer hitch from the boneyard wasn't, in fact, a mild case of rhabdomyolysis.

Rhabdo is the result of muscle damage: when you get crushed under something, or when you work your muscles extra-extra-hard, the damaged muscle tissue breaks down and releases gunk into your bloodstream. Normally your body can deal with it; but if enough of it is released, it can clog up your kidneys and do a lot of other nasty things to you including allowing a buildup of potassium in your blood (hyperkalimia) which is not good for you.

It's worse if you're not drinking enough fluids.

So there I was, in a junkyard, working my arms until I could barely lift them, resting for a bit, and then doing it again; it was hot, I was sweating a lot, and probably not drinking as much fluids as I should have. And I'm on a diruetic which increases the serum potassium level.

See where this is going? If I were hyperkalemic, that would explain the dizziness and lightheadedness and general fatigue, because increased serum potassium dampens heart action. (Fatigue is a symptom of rhabdo anyway.)

...and maybe I'm just a hypochondriac.

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