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#2316: Habit can be an ugly thing.

It certainl is in this case.

I have nothing to write about, yet I am compelled to post: I have awakened from my slumber and fed; it's time to blog.


"Fed": leftover BBQ ribs from what's-a-call-it. Hog Haven. (Not much of a "haven" for hogs when they're serving pork, is it? But I doubt they'd get as many customers if they called it "Hog Auschwitz" or something....)

* * *

Actually, what I awoke from was a nap. Zero energy this weekend. Anyway, I got up around noonish because hydraulic pressure was forcing me to; after attending to that and having some food, I went out to the driveway to have another go at the Jeep's trailer hitch.

I applied more force to the bolts, with a breaker bar, and could not so much as budge any of them. Not even a little bit. I could have dug out the cheater bar, but I don't want to break anything.

Now I don't have to feel guilty about paying someone else to install it. I'm checking into that tomorrow.

* * *

Mom was prepared to leave the heat off until I got cold. I told her, "You'll be in your winter coat before I get that cold." But after my nap she told me she'd changed her mind, so I kicked on the heater.

Last Sunday in September; that's not too bad. Dad always preferred to wait until October to turn it on--as long as possible into October--but that was before advancing age claimed him and disconnected Mom's thermostat. Dad always liked it cool anyway, at least until he passed 75 years old; after that he complained that his pilot light had gone out.

Now that I'm in my 40s--and, sadly, better insulated than ever before--I understand a bit better how he could be sitting in a chilly room in his underwear without being cold. So I prefer to leave the thermostat decisions to Mom; I want her to be comfortable, and I can tough it out.

What the hell; it's less than a week until October, and it's below 70 in the house. What's the point of having the technology to keep a place comfortable if you don't use it?

* * *

Before I fell asleep last night, I began thinking about a Haruhi fanfic wherein the SOS Brigade finds itself fighting off zombies in a mountain villa during a blizzard.

Fighting zombies is right up Haruhi's alley; she'd love that. Kyon would be wryly analyzing the practical problems of using improvised weapons (specifically, a chain saw) against the undead. Mikuru would cower in the corner. Koizumi would gamely fight off zombies however he could. Yuki would be using her "magic" against them and would probably kill more of them than the rest of the group combined. (I'm not kidding; Yuki is the most effective fighter of all of them, mainly because she's an alien construct with "data" manipulation ability.)

...I fell asleep while I was thinking about how Kyon would describe why a chain saw is a lousy weapon to use against an opponent which is made of meat. I didn't dream about fighting zombies or anything but I did end up having a dream with Haruhi in it.


* * *

I have two freakin' fog machines. Why don't I ever use them for anything? And now they have bubble fog machines: they blow bubbles filled with fog. *sigh*

It occurred to me that if you really want to build a "smoke generator" for your car, all you need to do is to find a way to inject fog fluid into your exhaust pipe. When that pipe is hot, the fog fluid will vaporize and make fog. The hot gases coming from the engine will help, too. Your car will smoke like it's burning everything.

I don't know how much fog you could generate that way, though; I don't know if it'd be enough to obscure vision or not. (Probably not above 30 MPH, anyway.)

* * *

Evil thought: if I were to disconnect the washer hose from my Jeep's rear wiper, and hold down the "wash" button, washer fluid would jet out onto whatever was behind me. So if someone was tailgating and I really wanted to cheese him off....

(Not recommended.)

* * *

World of Warcrack #291:


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