atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2319: Fog machine #2 found.

I found it this evening while doing some other things downstairs.

#2 is a cheapie bought on clearance at Target when I still worked there. I got 10% off the clearance price, of course. I used it once, then put it in the basement. This was the second fog machine I bought, and I only bought it because it was so damn cheap. I've got two. #1 is a more expensive one which can spew fog all day, but I haven't found that one yet.

#2 is an intermittent type, but it spews enough fog to fill a house with pea soup; how much fog do you even need? (That's why I took it outside to test: no sense setting off all the goddamned smoke detectors at 11 PM.)

While playing with it out in the driveway, I dug out one of the styrofoam coolers floating around in the garage; I am going to make a fog cooler out of it.

Basic design: some kind of waterproof box, with a pipe passing through it which is made of a wire mesh (like chicken wire). You then fill this box with ice and put the lid on. You put the output port of the fog machine next to one end of the pipe and turn it on; when it starts spewing fog, it passes through the tube and is cooled down.

Then the fog spreads out along the ground, all creepy-like, instead of billowing upward like smoke. If you want to have fog roll down stairs, for example, you use a fog cooler to do it.


...I was a little worried that someone would see the fog and call the police or the fire department: "I think that house is on fire!" ...but it's not like I'm doing anything illegal, and if some moron calls the fire department because I'm testing a fog machine at 11 PM, it's not my fault. But I didn't have to defend myself from such stupidity. Besides, anyone who might have seen the fog would have seen me walking back and forth through the fog cloud, because it was damn cool.

For Halloween I might put this thing under the bush nearest the front door and let it spew smoke, without the cooler; maybe add an ominous red light (bonus points if I can make it flicker) and creepy sound effects: the portal to hell lies beneath this bush!

...and maybe I'm getting too elaborate.

* * *

Wow, Matthews; paranoid much? Yeah, businesses are purposely not producing as much as they can in order to screw over Obama. It has nothing to do with a shitty economy with really low consumer confidence and really high unemployment or anything; it's all about Obama.

What a jackass that man is.

* * *

Anyway, so Rockauto got back with me with the return info for the core wiper motor. I packed it up this afternoon. I'm planning to take the Jeep to the welding shop Wednesday morning to get the hitch put on; and while they're working on it I'll mosey over to the post office and send that package off.

Actually I expect I'll be walking home from there, because I'd rather wait at home than in a dingy welding shop. And of course when they're finished I'll walk back. It's only about a third of a mile, anyway, and I need the exercise.

* * *

So Monday vanished in a fog of...stuff...and Tuesday Mom is having a diagnostic procedure which will take all morning. I'm dropping her off at the hospital and going back to pick her up once it's done, rather than wait there for five hours.

Wednesday: trailer hitch.


Once the hitch is finished I'm going to get after the Escort's oil leak. I think I'll be dropping the oil pan; fortunately that's not too egregiously difficult with that car. Mostly it's just a royal pain in the ass: drain the oil, remove the exhaust downpipe, then unscrew all the bolts holding the pan on.

Getting the pan back on is the worst part; since it's a structural pan it has a torque sequence that must be followed. *sigh*

* * *

B Gata H Kei has started its DVD and Blu-Ray release in Japan; and of course the fansubbers are cranking 'em out as they get 'em. So I'm DLing eps 1-4 right now. Heh.

No sign of the live action Kimi ni Todoke yet.

* * *

The Blizzard Downloader eventually DLed 4.8 GB of data. That's just about the entire freaking game, right there.

No idea when the new version goes live.

* * *

It might be time to reset my connection; everything's getting wonky again. Oh well.

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