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#2321: That would have been cool.

...while doing the normal morning surf, I thought I saw, over on Majorgeeks, a program called "Princess Hacker".

On further inspection it turned out to be called "Process Hacker". Well, when you've had three hours of sleep....

Still, it's a bit disappointing. I was looking forward to finding out how one hacks a princess. It would be fun to look over the source code; I bet it's mostly convoluted (and stupid) spaghettiware. Maybe I could have substituted some code that makes sense.

Reality is almost never as entertaining as my mistakes would have it be.

* * *

Obama can't fill an auditorium. At a freakin' college.

* * *

Public school isn't good enough for Obama's daughters. To be honest, public school isn't good, period.

We really ought to call it what it is: socialized education. And it works as well as any socialist institution does, which is to say "not at all".

* * *

Of late there are a lot of anti-pedophile laws which are struck down as being "too broad".

While the goal of such laws is laudable--making it easier to prosecute those who prey on children--the problem is one of criminalizing behavior which is not criminal. According to one of the judges:
A host of materials from "standard sexual education materials to novels for children and young adults by Judy Blume" would be implicated under the laws, and they "must be invalidated," Judge McKeown wrote.
The problem with a law that is too broad is that the application of the law then becomes a matter of what the district attorney feels like prosecuting; while the person currently sitting as DA might not prosecute a bookstore owner for selling a perfectly legal Judy Blume novel, who is to say that the next one won't?

Owing to the fact that a charge of pedophilia will completely ruin a person's life in this day and age (even if he's later found not guilty) we have to be very careful about how we make laws designed to punish such behavior. The last thing we want or need is to give government the ability to decide who to punish, and how, based entirely on the whims and opinions of one or two people.

* * *

Liberals are always surprised when people don't sit still and take their crap. I mean, of course rich people will just stay someplace and pay higher taxes! They won't move or anything, so we can just raise taxes on them and they have to pay up! That's what they get for being rich in the first place!

...then they're shocked and dismayed when their punitive attempts at wealth redistribution fail.

"Going Galt" is not just the ramblings of a libertarian theorist, you know. It's what people actually do, in miniature, any time you punish them for their success.

* * *

A graphic representation of gun ownership versus gun crime.

* * *

Og quotes my rant about colon detox.

...and I just had to leave a comment which made things worse. Heh.

* * *

Last night, unable to sleep (again) I went on another mini-cleaning binge. This time my target was the TV stand.

I reclaimed a couple square feet of floor and took down the Apex DVD player, the one I haven't even turned on in more than a year and a half. Okay? George W. Bush was still President the last time I had that thing on.

The center channel speaker for the surround system went where the DVD player had been, which let me clean and reorganize the top of the TV set. Everything looks better.

Then I got after the pile of railroading (real and model) magazines next to the bed, along with the huge pile of my own writing. All that got shuffled into magazine storage bags and shoved under the bed.

I resolved to buy a set of shelves of some kind to set up in the basement; then I could store all the electronic stuff I've got accumulating in here and reclaim yet more space. I mean, I do not need to keep the spare VCRs and DVD players in my bedroom, but there's nowhere else in the house I can safely store them.

Not in the basement, not without having them up off the floor. Our basement is too flood-prone for that--which is why there is no place that is not on the floor to put anything. I already have a shitton of stuff down there which would be ruined by water, and that stuff is occupying all the elevated horizontal surfaces. I need shelves!

(Other idea: get some rubbermaid totes and stick 'em in there. That'd be good against less than 2-3 feet of water.)

The basement needs a thorough going-through. I did some work on it Monday night, and made a tiny dent in it; but there's a lot more that needs doing, and I'm pretty much the only guy who can do it. But I need more shelf space!

I also need to throw out a bunch of stuff; and again, I'm the only guy that can do it, because I'm the only one who knows what's useful and what's junk.

Anyway, after cleaning, I sat and read a bit; and I didn't go to bed until I started feeling tired, which was well after 4 AM; and I had to get up at 8 to take the truck to the welding shop, to get the hitch put in. And now I'm sitting here blogging because I don't want to go to sleep only to have to get up again to hoof it to the welding shop to pick up my truck. *sigh*

On the plus side, that's the only thing left that must be done today: pick up the truck and pay the piper. Which means once that's done, I can hit the hay without guilt.

* * *

...on the radio I just heard Obama say that the economy is "on the right track". What the fuck world does that anus live in? What color is the sky there? I suppose when you're rich and powerful it doesn't matter to you what the economy is actually doing, but couldn't he at least pretend to have a clue about the real suffering of the non-millionaire-Democrat demographic?

* * *

Son of a bitch: Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya has already been licensed--it was licensed in April--which means I have to wait God alone knows how f-ing long to see it, especially since they only just released the second TV series here.

Shit and damnation.

* * *

Heh: Limbaugh says he's been calling Boss Tweek "Imam Obama". But since the liberal media got upset, he's now suggesting "Ayatollah Obama"!


Oh yeah, I'm using that one from now on!

The liberals lost their shit over this, though, claiming that Limbaugh was "demonizing" Ayatollah Obama.

Limbaugh is saying that Obama is "the first Mulsim President" much the same way Clinton was America's "first black President". "What's wrong with being muslim?" Limbaugh asks.

If--as liberals love to tell us!--islam is the "religion of peace" and we have nothing to fear from it, why are they losing their shit over the implication that Obama is a muslim? Even a facetious one?

Remember how, during the election, I was engaging in "fearmongering" because I kept referring to the Ayatollah by his full name, "Barack Hussein Obama"?

* * *

By the way: Obama was raised as a muslim in a muslim country. His avowed conversion to Christianity means--by the laws of islam--he's an apostate and must be killed. I'm not saying he should be killed and I am not advocating any violence whatsoever; I'm saying that islamic law demands his death for his apostasy.

Me, I'm a Christian: I don't believe in killing people just because they decided to follow a different religion; I believe in praying for an apostate to reconsider his choice. As a Christian, I am glad that Obama has heard the Good News of Christ and has chosen to follow His teachings.

I am only wondering if anyone in the muslim world has issued a fatwa yet, because muslims will kill you for leaving islam.

* * *

Sharp's gonna enter the eBook business.

I like the looks of the larger of the two.

...though I'm not thrilled with the way Apple does things, I have to admit they're doing more to bring about the kind of information network I've always known was possible, and wanted to have access to.

* * *

Well: just got a call from the welding shop; I can pick the Jeep up after 1 PM. Yay!

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