atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2326: I still have stuff to do

I was in luck: the ep of House, MD I missed Monday was shown again this evening, so I let the VCR tape Smallville while I watched House in the family room.

What a day.

...after my last post I lay in bed, kind of dozing but not really sleeping, until about 5-ish. I got up, had a can of Slim-Fast, and then set out to accomplish my shopping.

First: K-Mart. Got a set of shelves for $33, a stack of blank videotape (I haven't bought blank videotape for a couple of years) and Iron Man 2.

Second: Walt's, for the groceries. While shopping I saw that they had a sale on this particular brand of "skillet meals"--you know, the kind of thing which is an entire meal in one package, and you just take the ingredients out of plastic bags and heat them in the right order. I chose shrimp alfredo, because those things almost never have enough meat in them and we have frozen shrimp on hand.

It was pretty good. There were no leftovers.

Anyway, since Smallville is on tape, I can watch it later; so I'm going to go downstairs, make room for shelves, assemble shelves, and then fill shelves. Whee! What a stimulating life I lead!

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