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#2327: Didn't watch my show

I spent an hour and a half first assembling shelves, then putting stuff on shelves. When that was done, I ended up killing time for half an hour and then watching K-19: The Widowmaker on BBCA.

Oh man is that shelving unit a thing of beauty. Once I get more room downstairs I'm going to buy another one. It's pretty sizable, goes together fairly easily, and it's nice and sturdy.

I got a lot of stuff out of my bedroom. To make things even better, I also made a sizable dent in the pile of crap down in the basement. It's amazing what you can do just by organizing a little bit and throwing away boxes that will never be used again.

I still have a long way to go with that basement, but every time I spend a couple hours down there, I am pleased with the results.

I even found the Betamax. Now I can dub Dad's copies of Bolero and Vixen to DVD. Heh.

* * *

'Way back in 1983, after Dad bought the first Betamax, a friend of his at work gave him these tapes. Eventually I got to watch them, of course.

...can't find an IMDB entry on Vixen so that title may not be correct. In fact the thing is labeled "NEXIV". It's quite literally been 26 years since I saw this video. God alone knows if it'll even play, for crying out loud.

Bolero is, of course, the softcore movie starring Bo Derek.

* * *

Anyway, glaring problem with K-19: the ship's chief nuclear officer saying that if the reactor core temperature goes too high, it'll blow up like a nuclear bomb. And set off the nuclear warheads as well! *sigh*

What would happen, in fact, is that the core would simply melt down; it would get so hot it would melt its way out of the sub and make a huge hole in the bottom. The sub would, naturally, sink, and everyone aboard would die. Also there would be the slight problem of a couple tons of nuclear core material sinking to the bottom of the sea and contaminating the water.

Eh? "China syndrome"? Don't make me laugh. Once the stuff hit the mud and silt at the bottom of the sea, and melted enough of it, the contamination of the fissile material with foreign substances would ruin the chain reaction necessary to keep it hot. Besides, the geometry would be wrong to sustain fission. Fission would stop and the stuff would cool off. It would still be intensely radioactive, though, which is why it would contaminate the seawater.

Incidentally, the movie's other contention that inserting the reactor's control rods wouldn't be enough to shut down the reactor--that's BS. If the control rods don't stop the reactor, you don't have nearly enough of them. The control rods should be enough to shut it down, with or without cooling water, because what happens if you lose coolant pressure as happens in the damn movie?

Another movie whose plot revolves around nuclear technology, written by someone who doesn't know what the fuck he's writing about. Par for the course. But as long as you don't analyze it too thoroughly, it's entertaining enough. That was actually the second time I've seen that movie.

* * *

I'm thinking I'll do a double feature sometime this weekend of Sherlock Holmes--which I still haven't even unwrapped--and Iron Man 2. That ought to be entertaining. Fire up the surround system with the subwoofer. Heh.

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