atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#233: What should they do?

I read an article not long ago about a Turkish boy who had to have a testicle removed after female doctors refused to ultrasound it.

The boy presented with swollen testicles. The doctors were told to examine the afflicted area with ultrasound in order to diagnose the problem. They refused; and later the boy had to have one of his testicles removed. There was outcry. The hospital said they were investigating but would not rule out punishing the doctors for refusing treatment. the way, both doctors were Muslim and Turkey is a predominantly Muslim nation.

Let's talk about Sha'ria for a bit.

Under Islamic law, when a woman gets raped, it's her fault and she's usually executed.

Under Islamic law, whenever a woman has consensual sex out of wedlock, she is usually executed; particularly in the case of adultery, even if she's not the one who is married.

(The man, by the way, is usually held blameless. It's all the woman's fault.)

Under Islamic law, if a woman goes out of the house without her head covered, she gets severely punished.

Pretty much, under Islamic law, if you're a woman, you are probably going to be beated, maimed, or killed (or all three) if you ever set so much as a toe out of line.

Bearing that in mind...

What Islamic woman, in her right mind, would be willing to touch the genitals of a man (or male, anyway) she is not married to? You can't ultrasound a scrotum by remote-control; she'd have to grab the sack and hold it while she did the procedure. So what would happen to her afterwards?

I can't blame these women for their refusal. Although Turkey is not under Sha'ria, who knows what would happen to those women? Turkey's government wouldn't punish them, but might someone else?

The thing I really don't like about "the religion of peace" is that it seems to rely on bloodshed for a great many things; and its holy men seem to preach that violence and brutality are perfectly acceptable for a variety of reasons.

There is little difference between a mafia don "taking out a contract" on someone, and a Muslim Imam issuing a fatwa against someone. The only real difference is that the person who kills that unfortunate gets money from the mafia; the killer only gets a "get out of hell free" card from the Imam.

Islam seems to be built on a foundation of intolerance and violence: if your neighbor does not follow Mohammed, he is an infidel; he must either convert or die.

Oh, wait, another mafia parallel: if your non-Muslim neighbor pays "protection money" every so often you can let him live. But it's up to you (or your Imam, anyway) whether or not your neighbor gets to do this. And you get to set the prices, of course.

What's peaceful about any of that?

So here we have a situation: the women doctors are in trouble because they didn't grab the kid's scrotum and start checking it out. They probably would have been in a different kind of trouble if they had. So what should they do?

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