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#2329: A Robert Downey Jr. double-feature

That's what it was. Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man 2.

Sherlock Holmes was up first. I got about 20-odd minutes into it and then started feeling hypoglycemic, so around 9:30 I ducked out to make a run for the border.

That only took forty-five freakin' minutes. The line at Taco Bell was long and it was stupid. *sigh*

Why do people go to a fast-food restaurant and use their credit cards? Worse, why do they insist on using their credit cards in the drive through? WTF, you know you're going to need to pay for your food, so why don't you stop at an ATM and get some cash? Shit.

Anyway, got my food, sat down in the rocking chair and resumed watching the movie. It was good! I really enjoyed it; I was worried that the "reimagining" of Sherlock Holmes would suck, but they did everything exactly right. I could not, in fact, tell that it wasn't 100% canon, except for Holmes' Saturday night pugilism and the lack of cocaine abuse.

As movie versions go, it was better than a whole slew of them have been.

So once that was done, it was time for Iron Man 2, and I was not disappointed with that one, either. It ruled. I liked it. Bonus points for having it pick up right where the first movie left off.

And of course it ended with a bit of a teaser for Thor, due out next year, and which I expect to own. (Both senses: "be totally awesome" and "buy".)

Been a while since I had a movie night. It's nice just to vegetate and watch something entertaining for which I don't need to read subtitles. Unfortunately, due to the relative paucity of movies which I can stomach the idea of watching, that's the way it's going to be for the foreseeable future.

(I think the last "R" rated movie I watched was Watchmen. Yeah. Before that? I can't remember.)

(Not counting "edited for television", of course.)

* * *

The backup I started around 3 PM finally finished some time after 11, so in fact it took 8 hours, not 7 as originally forecast.

The external drive is formatted with FAT32, so I couldn't back up three files which weighed in at around 4 GB each. That's okay; I'm going to dump them to DVD anyway...eventually. (I got them from BakaBT, anyway.)

But the external drive is perliously close to being full. 1 TB and it's full. *sigh* I really, really, REALLY want a NAS box, dang it. One stuffed with 3 TB drives, set up in RAID 5, so that any one drive failing won't lose me any data and it can automatically rebuild once the failed drive is replaced. Yeah.

What I should do (soon) is to haul out the Seagate 500 GB external drive, crack open the case, and see what's inside. Maybe I could pop a 2 TB drive into that case?

It never ends: the more storage you have, the more storage you need.

* * *

The other nice thing: when you've got a Dolby 7.1 surround system in a room that's about 12 feet square, you don't need a hell of a lot of subwoofer. The one I got a couple of years ago never ceases to amaze me.

Despite my not having a high-end DVD player with special audio outputs to connect it to my stereo, nonetheless I had a perfectly acceptable surround experience with these movies. The only real complaint was one scene in IM2, where a car engine sound effect abruptly moved from the side surround to the right main speaker. It didn't fade; it jumped. Otherwise, it was perfect.

...and in fact the DVD player may have one or more of those special outputs. I just never bothered to check; I suppose I should--but I don't use the surround often enough to make investing in the requisite cable worth it. It works well enough when I do use it, anyway. (Probably an optical fiber costing $10 per foot or something equally inane. I don't even know where I put the player's manual, and I sure as hell am not going to crawl around down there to check.)

* * *

Heh: One of my perennial complaints: bad translation of anime or manga. Especially when it's a person speaking Kansaiben. Jesus.

* * *

I'm going to quote myself with a bit that made me laugh, and then I'm going to post this, and then I'm going to go to bed.
In one episode of Doctor Who--the last one with K-9 and Romana--K9 has a line which I still paraphrase to this day: "The efficiency of this unit has decreased beneath zero utility." Adric (boo hiss) then translates for the audience: "You mean, you're worse than useless?" Computers make things so easy that, at times, it's possible to eliminate the productivity gain through the addition of useless bloatware. (See also "Windows Vista".) (No, I shouldn't have said that; that was a cheap shot. At least Vista makes OS bashing effortless.) (Dang, that's two in a row.)

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