atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2330: Computer needs a reboot again.

Everything is going slower. Explorer crashed on me last night. *sigh*

(Windows Explorer, that is, which is only the freakin' desktop shell, an integral part of the f-ing OS. I don't use Internet Explorer.)

Bleah. One little 500+ GB backup and the OS goes to crap. WTF.

...but I don't reboot often. Usually I put the computer in sleep mode rather than shut it down; my uptime is measured in weeks, which is not bad for a GUI operating system of any stripe. (I include Macintrash in this because they're just as crash-prone as Windows machines are. The difference is, Macolytes don't blame the OS; they blame the application.)

* * *

So the Big Labor rally in Washington, D.C. was not as big as the big Glenn Beck rally was. Well, when you have to pay people to show up, of course you won't have as many attendees.

* * *

I remember, in Code E, the scene where Chinami goes to buy lunch, and there's a sign on the wall next to the lunch counter advertising 20 TB memory cards. I could use a few of those, assuming I had an interface which would let my computer see it. 20 TB would let me accomplish ten full backups of this system's on-line storage.

I need a time machine.

* * *

Of late I've been thinking about getting a netbook.

I know: I just got a new laptop in November of 2008 and I don't really need one. But it's occurred to me that I could sit a netbook on my desk next to my keyboard, and let it run Yahoo! Messenger and Firefox and Chatzilla all the time; I could play WoW and be able to consult WoWHead without having to ALT-TAB all the time.

The available space is too small for the laptop.

...if I were to get a flatscreen TV, I could mount it to the wall and put the stereo system where my glass bulb TV now sits. But I haven't got anything like the wherewithal to do that, so I might as well wish for the moon. (Or a winning Powerball ticket. In fact, that would be better, because if I won the Powerball, I could then buy the TV...and a house to put it in. Jesus.)

Putting the stereo system where the glass bulb sits would, of course, free up enough desktop space to put another keyboard/mouse/monitor for an entire other computer; it wouldn't have to be a netbook. It could be the old P3-1000, which is gathering dust downstairs. This would have the added bonus of letting me play Carmageddon again.

Realistically, though, I need a NAS box before I need a netbook. And I need a job before I can really afford either one.


* * *

20 new films coming out in October and none of them sounds like they're worth watching.

None of these are making me sit up and say, "Hey! That sounds good!" And I'm not surprised; I clicked on that link with the expectation that none of them would sound worthwhile.

Hollywood: meeting my low expectations for decades.

* * *

Taco Bell's chicken burrito (from their value menu, $1.29 each) is pretty tasty, even reheated.

* * *

Dang, I missed the Republican political rally in the park today. Slept right through it. Well, I already know how I'm voting, anyway.

* * *

Yeah, my connection is for shit. Time to reboot.

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