atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2339: I disagree: your Saturn Vue IS an SUV.

But it's not a truck.

My Jeep isn't an SUV. It's a freakin' Jeep. It's got two live axles. Its rear axle is leaf-sprung. There ain't a MacPherson strut in sight. It's got a Saginaw power steering box, with a drag link, not a rack-and-pinion setup. Front disk, rear drum brakes. And when it's in 2WD mode, the rear axle does the driving, not the front.

Contrast that with the 2WD Ford Escape I saw the other day. Independent rear suspension, and nothing but empty space where the rear axle components should be. Which means the junk defaults to FWD. That's a SUV; it ain't a truck. Screw that noise.

* * *

Remember Obama treating Netanyahu like dirt, back in March? Apparently it's causing trouble for Obama among the Jewish community of the US. As it should.

...I just had to go over there and comment about it, including a link to my post about this where that liberal asshat said, "That's right! Israel might get mad at us and refuse to accept any more military aid. Then we'd be really stuck."

Well, guess what? That attitude is proving costly for Obama and the Democrats! That's just fine by me; the more of their traditional constituencies they piss off, the fewer voters they have.

* * *

Vox Day does an insightful post about bullying in school. Including advice on the best way to deal with a bully: hit him until he apologizes. It works every time it's tried.

Also from Vox Day, a post on the possibility of real anarchy coming to the US. It would not be good or pretty or nice.

Follow the link and you learn that it's all because of Fannie Mae, the source of the housing problem to begin with.

Government screws people, all the time, every time.

* * *

white trash repairs - You're Docking it Wrong

That is a Fiero center console. I recognized it instantly. Heh.

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