atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2340: I feel like a real gunblogger.

I suppose I am one, even though I haven't shot anything yet. I haven't fired a gun since 1994, for crying out loud.

(It might actually have been 1993, now that I think of it.)

But! I just got the Astra out and cleaned and oiled it (using machine oil) and its action is smooth as butter.

I might be going to the range with Og tomorrow (depending on how things go) and I wanted to take the Astra as well as the .22; so I figured I'd better get it clean. The .22 is ready; it was cleaned and lubed before it was stored, and everything works smoothly.

I stripped the gun, even to removing the grips. Brake cleaner got the gummed-up WD-40 off the parts; then I applied a thin layer of 3-in-one oil to everything and wiped it all down carefully. Everything works smoothly and easily now. Even if 3-in-1 isn't the ideal lube for firearms, it'll do until I can make it to a gun shop to get the right stuff.

My only real worry was what to carry the Astra in--but a quick perusal of the Illinois State Police FOID site says a firearm must be carried unloaded in a case, and it doesn't say it has to be locked. It does say you can carry ammo in the same case as the gun so long as the ammo is not actually in the gun, so I'm going to wrap the Astra in a towel (sans magazine) and put it in the same case as the bullets and my ear protectors. That'll do.

I was planning to take the Escort tomorrow, anyway, so all that stuff will be in the trunk and out of sight. Should not be an issue.

* * *

I feel for Og's plight. I really do. This past summer (I think it was July) I was using our weed whacker on the south side of the house and--to my horror--damaged the vinyl siding. The bottom panel had several chunks knocked out of it.

We had Sears come out and they replaced the damaged panel. $100. Yeech.

So I decided just to leave those weeds alone from now on.

* * *

Well! I have just been informed that there will indeed be a second season of Kimi ni Todoke anime!

Hoody hoo!

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