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#2343: Kettle, you're black.

Actually, the kettle isn't black. But the pot is saying it is.

Democrats worried about foreign contributions (which aren't) when they are reaping all the benefits of the Sorostitutes over at


* * *

No cost-of-living-adjustment this year, either. After all, there's no inflation! Right? The dollar lost 15% of its value last year but that's not inflation; oh no!

* * *

Morons trying to get something for nothing. Okay, yes, McDonald's made a misprint in the rules. No, that does not entitle you to the $1,000,000 grand prize because you got the common piece of the two pieces necessary to win the grand prize.

C'mon: McDonald's has run this stupid "Monopoly" game every year for a long time, and the rules have never significantly changed. The legendary combo of Boardwalk and Park Place has always been the winner of the big prize, and everyone knows you have to have both pieces to win it. These people are just trying to take advantage of a typo, and they know it.

* * *

WTF? It sounds like every freakin' piece of fire equipment Crete has is mobilizing.

...and they're still coming! That must be some wreck/fire/disaster taking place.

* * *

"Strategic default" is the technical term for when someone gets fed up with deadbeats and other rulebreakers getting preferential treatment from the government and decides they can be deadbeats, too, and get the same kind of treatment.

On the one hand, I sympathise with some of these people, who dealt in good faith and simply cannot manage in the aftermath of the housing crisis. On the other, however, some of the anecdotes I hear are about people for whom I have no sympathy. This article begins with an anecdote about Jeff, a 33-year-old who owns both a condo and a house in Florida.

...why did he need two residences? He bought the condo in 2005 and the home in 2007. He couldn't sell the condo first before buying the house? Or was something else a factor? The article doesn't give any details. Why should I feel sorry for a guy who bought two residences? It smacks of someone who doesn't know how to handle money: "Hell, I'm making a mint, here! I can buy another house!" In fact, I have to wonder if he bought the house thinking he'd "flip" it, and got caught on the wrong side of the economic curve (2007 would be right around the time the housing market started to sour). If that's the case, then it's his own fault he's in the situation he's in.

* * *

Vox Day on banks and unethical business practices.

He has an addendum at his blog.

Generally speaking, he writes about banks knowingly committing fraud, and speaks (again) of the utter wreck which has been made of the paper trail for mortgages. "...[R]emember," he says, "it was a Republican who introduced HR3808 and it was the Republican leadership that was complicit in allowing it to pass on an unrecorded voice vote."

HR3808 being, of course, the bank bailout bill which was meant to make foreclosure easier by allowing courts to ignore paperwork irregularities.

* * *

I wish that NyaaTorrents would get rid of their tagline, "Sexy, cute, and fucking awesome." I don't know why, but seeing that every time one of their pages load just annoys the shit out of me.

* * *

So the other day I was thinking about that series idea PDB came up with (mentioned at the very end of this Fungus post) to tease me about my anime addiction:
PDB came up with a good idea for an anime series last night: a coming-of-age story about a group of lesbian tennis players who grow cat ears and tails when danger approaches!

When you really think about it, it's got everything the anime fan could possibly want. Catgirls. Yuri. Transformation sequences. Miniskirts with plenty of opportunities to flip up and expose panties. "It's like we've already won!"
You might also remember (or perhaps not) the Fungus post where I talked about the dream I had about watching an anime series called Sunshine Bird.

You know where this is going, right?

I used the name for this snippet in my light novel idea:
Still, I’ve been working on this silly magical girl story that I’m calling Sunshine Bird, and it’s about a high school girl who uses the power of the sun to dispel evil bad weather demons.
But I've decided that no, Sunshine Bird is in fact the perfect name for PDB's series idea.

All of this came about within the context of me trying to figure out how to justify calling this series Domo Chicken; somehow Sunshine Bird came to mind. *sigh* The worst part about all this is that now the Hand is pestering me to start thinking about character designs. I figure I need two or three main characters plus a handful of supporting cast, and it means I'm going to have to learn how to draw tennis rackets; and it'll also mean that I'll have yet another way to procrastinate work on any of the other countless millions of manga series I've got ricocheting around the nether recesses of that cavernous space I call a brain.

No I have no idea WTF tennis girls with nekomimi have to do with birds. No I don't think it's supposed to make any sense. Yes I think the story idea, done right, could be "Sexy, cute, and fucking awesome" which--believe me--does not make me feel much better about any of this.


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