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#2347: Musings inspired by rereading this stuff.

What a great name that is: "Ole Danbolt Mjoes". I mean, that's a perfect name for a gnome engineer in WoW. He's the chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize committee (or was in 2007) but damn it, that name is awesome. "Danbolt". Dang. If I ever make another gnome (besides "Kotterpin" on Cenarion Hold) I'm gonna name him "Danbolt".

* * *

I mull the idea of putting a trailer hitch on the Jeep here. Three years and 13 days ago. Sheesh. Can I procrastinate, or what?

(As if I had nothing else to worry about. Heh.)

* * *

It occurred to me the other day that I haven't gone on a tear about "hell houses" recently. Well, I haven't had occasion to.

* * *

The very next post (to the last one) asks--of the atheist screed The Golden Compass, meant to be an "answer" to Chronicles of Narnia--"Why is there an afterlife in it?"

I still haven't figured that out. The series was written by an atheist, so why does it have an afterlife?

* * *

I used to do posts mocking the spam that turned up in my email, but I no longer get any interesting spam.

* * *

We just got a catalog in the mail from THE WISCONSIN CHEESE MAN!!! Flee in terror! HE'S MADE ENTIRELY FROM CHEESE!!!

* * *

This is the first time I mention the legendary superhero THE SLUGGER!!! here.

* * *

I was a pretty stupid kid when the [Wild Cards] books came out, which is why I didn't immediately recognize that "dude buttfucking corpse for information" is a big flashing "WARNING! DANGER!" sign. I mean, that's pretty much the international symbol for "run away".
Bonus LOL:
Tokimeki Memorial is beginning to grate. I hate the main character and want him to get beaten up. I hate his friends and want the main character to shoot them all: "You guys are pathetic losers!" blam blam blam. "Oh noes, what have I done?" Blam. Then I want the guy's whiny bitches to do the same thing: 3("Oh no, Aoba-kun!" Blam.)

...maybe there's a surprise School Days ending with multiple stabbings and severed heads. (And a "Nice Boat".)

It woud be an improvement, but it's too much to hope for.
* * *

"When you make jokes about the girl finding gay pr0n and an ass dildo in the guy's bedroom, you know the anime is boring."

* * *

What happened to those halcyon days of sarcasm and laughter? I wish I knew.

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