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#2349: While I'm waiting for the damn servers to come back up

Can we secure the goddamned border now? Let's send in the Marines to clear that shit out of there. I think it's gotten to the "clear and present danger" stage by now.

* * *

North Korea can make 12,000 tons of chemical weapons. That's with materials they have on hand; it says nothing about what (if any) support NK could get from China.

And China is interested in its hegemony, much more than anyone in the US is prepared to say it is. (Except me.)

See, a war between NK and SK is something the US has to take part in. We've got troops on the border of the DMZ because there has never actually been a treaty between the two countries; it's just been a cease-fire that's gone on for 50-odd years. So we have people sitting on the border and staring at NK, and if NK hits SK it's also hitting our troops.

This works in China's favor if China wants to make trouble in that area: we'll be so busy screwing around in Korea that the weaksauce Obama administration won't want to deal with anything else.

My prediction: NK starts a war with SK. While the US is dealing with that, China seizes Taiwan, and gets a pass for it. This is what China wants from the deal; it wants Taiwan back, but the US has always been its greatest obstacle to that. Now that it knows it faces a weak US President, all it needs is a large enough distraction and it can get Taiwan...and all that lovely capitalist lucre that Taiwan has. (As well as the lovely and highly advanced technological infrastructure built by 60 years of capitalism.)

* * *

...but there's no inflation. Gold settles at a record high price, but there's no inflation or anything. Yeah.

* * *

It looks like the foreclosure mess is going to get worse, because once this stuff gets investigated fully, they're going to find out that some banks violated the law and that some mortgages aren't legally owned by anyone.

It's going to cause a lot of trouble.

* * *

EPA is going to mandate 15% ethanol blends. Yeah, and all those cars which can't deal with 15% ethanol fuel? They're all going to need expensive fuel system repairs.

Thanks, Democrats!


* * *

The upgraded version of WoW is pretty damn awesome.

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