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#2354: This one's going on the blogroll.

I was looking over Men Are Not Potatoes" and trying to decide whether or not I wanted to put it on the blogroll. I like the style and politics, but the posting frequency wasn't as high as I prefer, and blah blah blah etcetera...

Then I saw this post.
I'm more prepared to believe that c is not constant over time than I am in something called "dark matter" or "dark energy".


And now we have to invent a magical something that no one can see and that is so pervasive throughout the cosmos that it actually determines the internal forms of the universe via gravity.
He's talking about dark matter and dark energy.

It always makes me feel better when there is someone else out there who also disagrees with the experts.

* * *

Inevitably someone will read the first paragraph of this post and then tell me I should read lefty blogs too, because I'm only getting one side of the story (implied: "the WRONG side!").

But I don't need to hear what the left has to say. I don't need to hear it because I've heard it for the last 43 years. I don't need to hear it because 90% of it is bullshit and the rest of it is disingenuousness.

* * *

This is seven pages long, but it's well worth taking time to read. It's a detailed description of what is wrong with the mortgage system in this country.

Short form: if the banks are not allowed to sweep these issues under the rug, thus ending rampant fraud and abuse, we're screwed. If they are allowed to sweep them under the rug, rampant fraud and abuse continue, and we're screwed.

* * *

The Anchoress drops a train on NOW.

* * *

Walgreen's didn't have the cable I needed. I ended up getting it from K-mart, and I really had to look to find it. It was on clearance, one of two left. *sigh*

From Walgreen's, though, I bought a 64-disc CD/DVD case. I had intended to buy paper sleeves to contain the new fansub DVDs I've been making, but realized that it made more sense just to put 'em into a case.

A 13-ep series fills 3 DVDs. A 26-ep series (naturally) fills 6. (There are a lot of anime series which are only 24 or 25 eps; I can cram them onto 5 disks.) This 64-disk case will hold ten 26-ep series, or 20 13-ep series, or some combination. This is acceptable.

Anyway, I ran my errands and did the shopping, and after I got home I hooked up the cables, and it worked. I've only been wanting to get a splitter for the "audio out" since I got the dang computer (in 2007). The setup I was using--kludgy as it was--worked, which is why I never got around to it.

At K-Mart I saw this 7" Android tablet selling for $109. I wouldn't have minded fiddling with it, but it was in a display case and turned off, so I couldn't even see what the display looked like.

Doesn't matter; I haven't got the cash for that kind of toy, anyway. And I have no real need for anything like that. (If I didn't have the Aluratek, maybe then; but I do, so F it.)

* * *

I'm going to post a link to an image here. It's not linked to show because I hate it--I baleeted it from the computer after I posted it in my Photobucket, that is how much I hate it. I don't want to see it.--but I want to talk about it, and I want you to be able to understand what I'm talking about. Hence the link.

I hate this image.

This is the image used as a sidebar ad over on Something*Positive. It's for a webcomic; and every time I see it, I want to reach through the internet and punch whoever is responsible for it.

Not because there's anything inherently offensive about it; it shows what looks like a female dark elf wearing clothing appropriate for belly dancing (a woman wearing such clothing would be safe for TV) and she's posing, alone, in the image. There are no political or religious slogans. It isn't poking fun at any sacred cows. So why does it annoy me?

The way the face is drawn. Specifically, the mouth. I want to punch the artist in the face and yell Dude, you can obviously do better than this, so FIX IT.

*sigh* It's really not his fault. Oh well.

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