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#2362: You want to know why Glenn Beck has a bulletproof car?

The Gawker media weenies over at Jalopnik scoff at him but the comments are full of people who only end up proving the point.

Remember this prominent NPR employee who wished death on Rush Limbaugh?

The comments at Jalopnik--some of them center on "liberals don't like guns so they don't carry them", which is horseshit for a large variety of reasons. Most of the anti-gun people don't like it when you and me have guns.

Okay, Carl T. Rowan was a big Chicago liberal commentator who wrote for the Chicago Sun-Times and was a big anti-gun guy. Oddly enough he didn't have much to say about it when someone broke into his house and he scared the criminal away with his illegally-owned handgun.

But that, you see, was necessary, because as a public figure he needed to be able to protect himself. Get it? You don't need a gun to protect yourself because you're a nobody and an idiot who'd probably only hurt himself or use the gun to commit a crime, because the power of having your own weapon will just go to your head; or else you'll get drunk on cheap beer while watching NASCAR and leave the gun where your kid can get at it, and he'll end up shooting himself or a friend or something. Besides, if a criminal tries to break into your house, you can always call the police.

Rosie O'Donnell is a huge anti-gun nut, but of course her bodyguards all have guns. Can't be too careful, you know.

...all of which ignores the fact, of course, that it's entirely possible some hyper-leftist idiot who hates Glenn Beck more than life itself could decide to go and shoot him.

Okay? The guy who threatened to blow up the headquarters of the Discovery Channel was a lefty eco-nut type. He certainly wasn't a hardcore conservative, as much as the news media fervently wished it were so.

In the context of the Juan Williams-NPR fiasco, Michelle Malkin notes it's not a firing offense at NPR to wish death on Rush Limbaugh.

In the same context, Vox Day discusses various minorities and their relative importance to the left in America. Apparently muslims are higher than blacks now, who were at the top of the list for decades. At least blacks are still above the Jews; they still have that going for them.

* * *

Iran's got 30 kilograms of "bomb-grade" uranium. This stuff is enriched to at least 20% U-235.

20% U-235 is good for research reactors; it also works well in a breeder reactor. Once you've made the step from 0.7% U-235 to 20% U-235 you've accompliahed the hardest (and most time-consuming) part of the enrichment process; it's all downhill from there.

This despite Obama's best efforts at "sanctions" and "diplomacy". Yeah.

* * *

Victor Davis Hanson on Obama. Hanson says that the media is beginning to regret supporting Obama; but I don't think it is. There's no repudiation of the Obama administration; while the media's trying to make itself look as if it's being harder on Obama, it really is not.

It's just trying to reclaim the credibility it cast away with wanton abandon during the election season of 2008.

* * *

China is cutting its exports of rare earth metals.

This kind of statement always bothers me: "China mines 95 percent of the world’s rare earth elements,..." China has 95 percent of the world's active rare earth metal mines; it does not have 95% of the world's rare earth deposits.

As I've said before, there are deposits of these materials all over the damn place. We could mine them here in the US if it weren't for all the government regulation making that prohibitively expensive.

* * *

Are you willing to make a one-way trip to Mars?


My biggest fear, given such an opportunity, would come from the people on Earth deciding that it wasn't worth the effort to continue sending supplies to the people stuck on Mars. I'm not talking about a collapse of civilization ending support of the colony; I'm talking about a cynical political decision: "We've decided we need that money to spend on social programs here on Earth, so sorry."

Also, I'd want a local WoW server. Otherwise the lag would just be awful.

* * *

This story is a lot less heinous if you just think of it as a botched late-term abortion. You know?

* * *

Vox Day makes a point here about the minor foo-raw of "Elizabeth Moon vs. Science Fiction Writers of America".

...and my brother wonders why I haven't tried to get anything published. Jesus.

This is the state of the media in the US today: if you don't spout the party line, you're out. If you have ever written anything that skewers the sacred cows of the left, you might as well not bother trying to do anything in the public eye, because the gatekeepers will not let you speak.


I do love many of the comments here:
Re: Elizabeth Moon: ingracious and over-reacting poltroons, all of you.


Free Speech 0 Misogynists 1


Doing this to Moon will put her in good company with Heinlein who was called a fascist by a bunch of morons. You are all a bunch of embarrassing politically correct fools. No wonder SciFi & Fantasy totally sucks today. It’s written by a bunch of fascist unimaginative tools.


Ah yes, tolerance . . . for everyone who agrees with you. Congratulations on your warm embrace of fascism.


Do you really have in your advertisement that you welcome discussions of gender, race, and class? You have been revealed as a bunch of ninnies who over react and are in fact afraid to discuss the real issues of the day. ... If you were true feminists you would realize the fight for freedom for our generation is to free the women of Islam. Stop being afraid and don’t call yourself feminists if you are going to cower over fear of Muslim men.


Well, it *is* a science _fiction_ and fantasy convention. I suppose it would out of place to have someone there who was actually saying true things.
WisCon is a "feminist" con--billing itself as the "leading feminist" SF con--and "feminist" means "leftist". So it's no wonder they reacted the way they did to a criticism of the left's favorite protected class. Moon would have been better off calling someone a "nigger" or "kike" or "fag" or "spic". (Or all four...somehow.)

Ace of Spades has a great headline for his post:
It's Come To This: Even Supposedly Free-Thinking, Anti-Group-Think, Anti-Totalitarian Sci Fi Writers Have Decided It's Time To Bring Back the Laws Against Blasphemy

* * *

Well, last night the Haruhi fanfic got to the end of the Melancholy of... story. It came in at 38 pages because I left out just about every scene that explicitly contained Kyon and one other character. (By definition none of the scenes in the book contain Jim Keller, the "slider".) Keller doesn't see most of the narrative simply because lots of it is either exclusive to Kyon (such as when he experiences "closed space" with Koizumi) or it happens inside Kyon's head.

There isn't any point to me re-telling the entire firkin' novel, anyway. This isn't a "reboot"; it's just a fanfic. It assumes you've read the original work.

...but I purposely got to the end of the first story arc without explaining anything about how Jim Keller found himself in the Haruhi universe or why he only remembers what happened in the novels after it happens. There have been a few instances where he almost remembers something before it happens, but not quite; and I throw in a few cryptic hints that something really strange is afoot. (Yuki Nagato hints that she knows a lot more than she's letting on; but when he explicitly asks her about it, she refuses to answer, citing the fact that if he knows what's going to happen, he'll screw things up and possibly cause a paradox.)

I do have an answer for what and why and how, and I even think (perhaps arrogantly) that it all fits rather well with the established canon for the Haruhi universe. But I want to have these things revealed slowly, over the course of the gamut of the extant novels. (That is to say, what I can get my hands on right now. Since I can't get my hands on Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya in any shape or form, I'm excluding it from the canon for this story. F it. But when I do finally get to see it I'm betting Disappearance of... will ruin this story utterly. *sigh*) For the moment, a lot of this is dependent on me maintaining my enthusiasm for a project which, really, isn't all that fantastic an idea in the grand scheme of things.

But at least I'm having fun writing some fiction. I'm not writing enough fiction; the Fungus satisfies my need to write something every day but it's not nearly as creative or potentially lucrative as writing fiction is.

* * *

Torgilgrimm got 51st level almost entirely on the strength of doing "Hallowed Eve" quests--mainly visiting various towns and getting candy from the candy buckets in the inns.

Leveling blacksmithing is slow going. I need recipes to level; I need mithril and iron (and other things) to get the recipes as they're quest rewards; and I can't find enough freakin' mithril.

I know how to get thorium by the ton--just run around the perimeter of Un'goro Crater and mine every node you see--but mitrhil is harder to find. I've resorted to looking at mining leveling guides, and even then I can't find enough freaking mithril to get the job done, not quickly. It's irritating.

Oh well.


I didn't want to make a whole post for this, so I'm adding it:

Another idea would be to close the drapes.
When having some "personal time" in your room, remember that your dad is cleaning the windows that day.
On the plus side, being caught masturbating by your dad is a time-honored tradtion among a great many peoples in western civilization.

And, hey, at least they weren't muslim. He would have had to honor kill her if they had been.

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