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#2363: Yes, let us de-fund NPR and PBS. PLEASE.

Amongst all the "NPR fired Juan Williams for being on Fox" stuff comes a clear call for NPR to stop being funded by the federal government, and I think that's an excellent idea.

Michelle Malkin gets the first link in today's linkfest.

$400 million per year is pretty much pocket change to the federal government, but it's the principle of the thing. Why is the federal government spending money to support a network which has become--in its entirety--a shill for liberalism? Anything of the sort ought to be nonpartisan, and it ought to allow all sides to speak. In this sense, NPR's move to fire Juan Williams smacks of censorship.

Remember, during the Clinton years, the thing about PBS sharing its donor lists with the Democrat Party? Not much was made of it because the press was uninterested in airing the corruption of their boy in the White House; but it was an illegal move and everyone involved knew it.

The Anchoress says, "One thing is for sure: when you have people hoping that they get the bragging rights re causation for Williams’ firing, you’ve made a stupid move."

Dennis the Peasant agrees
it's about Juan Williams appearing on Fox.

NPR ombudsman Alicia Shepard apparently said that "Williams could have been given a choice: If he wanted to stay at NPR, he would have to stop doing commentary on Fox News Channel. Or, if he preferred to continue with Fox, he and NPR could part ways." In other words, "If you want to be on Faux News you can't be here."

The reason they didn't give him that choice is that it's all complete horseshit. I would assume that Mr. Williams is not an idiot who was violating his contract with NPR; if his contract does not specify exclusivity, then he can appear wherever the hell he wants. If NPR wants to limit him to appearing only in venues they approve, then they for damn sure ought to pay him for it. Giving him that choice would have violated just about any reasonable contract the two parties could have had, given the circumstances.

NPR really stepped in it, though, showing itself to have a heavy liberal bias exactly when they could least afford it. The American people are already fed up with the liberal media machine ramming Democrat talking points down their throats; the result of the 2008 election has been an unmitigated disaster and just about everyone outside the D.C. beltway knows it, yet the press continues to act as if everything is just fine. Firing a long-term employee because he appears on a network you don't like is not only stupid, not only ham-handed, not only wrong, but completely inimical to everything liberals pretend to stand for.

And by pulling this kind of crap, they demonstrate their true colors, time and again.

* * *

And also by pulling this kind of crap. Yeah, I bet that university is really a nice place for the free exchange of long as they're liberal ideas and no conservatives say anything out loud.

* * *

Obama Appointee and Tax Cheat Tim Geithner wants the US economy to contract. That's what he means when he says he wants to "rebalance" the world economy.

* * *

This Democrat thinks military service is welfare? Of course a lot of Democrats think that: people who can't do anything else to earn a living--because they're too stupid or uneducated or weird or all three--end up joining the military. To them, the military isn't the shield which protects America from threats; it's a welfare program.

Looks like ol' Jim should change the spelling of his last name: Moron.

* * *

That last link contains a link to this story about a union stagehand who was fired for wearing a t-shirt commemorating the USS George H. W. Bush, which is a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier aboard which his son is serving.

Yeah, if you're in a union, you can't wear a shirt with the hated name "George Bush" on it.

Tell me which side is the side of freedom of expression, again?

* * *

I really find it hard to believe that it is cheaper to build cars in the US than it is to build them elsewhere and ship them here.

Then again, if you can keep your plants from unionizing--and that's not hard to do if your workers are reasonably well-educated and can understand cause and effect--I can see how it would be cheaper.

With foreign-built cars, they must be brought to the US via ship, where they're transloaded to trains. (Sometimes they're first loaded onto trucks, which take them to where they can be loaded onto trains.) They're shipped cross-country, where they're taken off the trains, put on trucks, and hauled to dealerships.

All that shipping costs money. All that transloading costs money. Whereas if you've got a railroad spur leading up to your factory, you can just have the new cars loaded right onto the trains, skipping at least two steps (if not more) and saving you a packet. From factory to depot to dealership, instead of factory to depot to ship to depot to depot to dealership. You see?

Even so, having its cars built here does not make Hyundai a domestic manufacturer, nor does it make their cars (somehow) more American than, say, Fords. You see, the question of "foreign versus domestic" is best answered by looking at who gets the profits; if the profits go overseas, it's a foreign car. If they stay here, it's domestic.

(And "profit" does not include wages paid to workers; that is a cost. Profit is a net figure, which is what's left of the company's total income after expenses, such as labor, are paid for.)

* * *

Space stuff:

Virgin Galactic is building a spaceport!

There's water and other useful stuff on the Moon! We found it! ...of course, we can't go get it or use it or anything, because Obama cut NASA's budget.

* * *

I was only going to watch a little bit of the video Boortz embeds here but I ended up watching the entire thing. It's ten minutes' worth of bullets striking targets in slow motion. Very slow motion. "One million frames per second" slow motion.

When striking an impervious target, some bullets merely vaporize. Jacketed slugs do this neat "peeling" thing where the lead core vaporizes while the metal jacketing splays out like a star.

There are some cuts of slugs striking ballistic gel; and that makes me wonder how anyone can possibly survive being shot with a high-power rifle, because the gel looks like it's just blowing apart.

It's really amazing to watch.

* * *

WEERD makes a point using irony/sarcasm.

I have bought several RPGs over the counter, without a license or background check, and I didn't think anything of it until I read his post. Holy shit, do I have to worry about jail?

* * *

Role-Playing Games, you assholes.

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