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#2364: That makes it simpler.

On WLS-AM I've been hearing--multiple times--an ad asking people to vote "NO" on retaining Justice Kilbride.

The best part of the ad is the "criminal testimonials" at the beginning, where this one guy talks about raping and killing a woman and her daughter: "...then I slashed their throats, and burned 'em," he says smugly. It sounds silly enough to make me laugh.

Anyway, this ad was effective enough to make me consider doing as it asked; but the lack of counter-advertising had me worried and I'd resolved to check things out to make sure.

Then I read the Record-Monitor this week. In the weekly local rag there was an ad from the "Southtown Friends of Labor" whcih endorsed the candidates they'd like to see people vote for.

Not a single (R) in the bunch; all (D). And Kilbride's name was among them.

"Friends of labor" means communist to me. And if you Google "friends of labor" you see references to May Day celebrations and other communist/leftist nonsense.

If any organization calling itself "friends of labor" thinks Kilbride deserves retention, it makes that choice pretty simple. I will vote "NO" with a clear conscience.

* * *

Moe Tucker learns that "liberal" does not mean what she thought it meant. From there, it's only a few short steps to supporting Sarah Palin.

* * *

Vox Day: "...[I]f there is a discrepancy between something I have written and something that a Hollywood figure assserts on Bill Maher's show, I suggest it is entirely safe to assume that the Hollywood figure is incorrect." LOL

Especially when the "Hollywood figure" is Rob "Meathead" Reiner. Holy shit.

* * *

When I sat down at the computer to do my usual surfing, and kicked it out of "sleep" mode, the monitor stayed off. WTF.

...fired up the TV, and--sure enough--the desktop had moved over there. And it persisted past a reboot.

Why the hell does it do that? It's the second time this has happened. (The first time was in, I believe, 2008.) No hardware has changed yet the computer decides for itself that the TV is the only monitor connected, and I have to manually go into the control panel applet and fix the driver settings.

And, of course, re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-arrange all my damn desktop icons, because the TV works at a lower resolution and Windows (some, what, 25 years after its introduction?) is still incapable of remembering where your icons were when the screen was at AxB resolution.


* * *

I made a WoW toon on Hellscream specifically to join this guild. The issue came up over on Doubleplusundead and when I learned there was actually going to be a guild, I didn't even wait to finish my blogging but created the toon immediately.

Remmyton, a dwarven hunter, currently level 9.

...the hunter has become a damage machine. You get a pet at 1st level now (though you don't get the pet control panel until lvl 10) and I was able to mow down quest targets like nothing with the help of her bear, Pookie. It made combat so easy I found myself grinding the hell out of the starting area, killing anything that crossed my path.

The elimination of ammunition from the game helps, too. It means a lowbie no longer has to spend precious money on ammo. When you're in single-digit levels--and have no rich alts to give you money--you really have to be careful about where you spend your money. Since you get a handful of coppers from whatever monsters actually have money as a treasure type, it takes a long time to accumulate even a few silvers, and having as much as a single gold piece is a dream from somewhere beyond the rainbow.

At level 8, Remmyton needed another bag; the best I could afford was a 6-slot bag, and it took half my available funds to buy it. Cost: about 14 silver. Blarg.

...but I was able to train mining and skinning, both of which are usually lucrative professions. Hopefully I can make enough cash to get some damn bags and really clean up.

Or, who knows? Maybe a guildie will hook me up. Heh.

* * *

Anyway, it's Saturday, we're low on everything; I need to go shopping. And I don't feel like doing anything. (What else is new?)

I'm glad I decided against going to the Indianapolis gun show with Og et al. I didn't even make it through the car shows before flaming out; I shut off the TV in the middle of Trucks! and fell asleep pretty quickly.

For once it was Extreme 4x4 which brought in the brand new vehicle and bolted up a bunch of brand new parts to it. Yeah: a new 2010 Jeep with a new supercharger, new exhaust system, new axles; next time it'll get new suspension and new wheels and tires. Total estimated cost: $45,000 at least because superchargers and exhaust systems and entire new suspensions do not grow on trees, let alone brand new freaking trucks.

(I'm estimating about $30,000 for the truck, by the way.)

The axles are sort of neat. Sort-of. They're curved: the differential sits much higher than the outboard ends of the axle.

How do they manage that? They use a Ford 9" center section. They have stub axles on either side, connected with Porsche 930 CV joints. Essentially it's a kind of independent suspension/solid axle hybrid which gets you a significant amount of ground clearance even with smaller tires.

...not sure I see the point. Granted, Porsche 930 CV joints see a lot of use in the off-road world; they're plenty strong. The axles are thick, too, and look plenty strong enough. But it's still an IS setup, only without the benefit of an actual independent suspension. (And I bet the Porsche 930 CV joints are nice and cheap.)

"More parts"="more shit that can break". I'm not sure the extra ground clearance is worth it. Then again, every time I see some moron driving down the road with his hyper-lifted truck riding on tires only slightly larger than factory spec, I think, "What a waste of a perfectly good truck," because his true ground clearance is measured from the bottom of the differential housing to the ground. And that's decided by the tire diameter; you lift a truck to clear larger tires, not to increase ground clearance. *sigh*

The ultimate version of this stupidity, though, has got to be the truck I once saw in Iowa which had been lifted badly, such that its rear sway bar was hanging below the differential. Good job, anus; you've succeeded in reducing your ground clearance. This was on a new and expensive truck, too, not some old ratty wreck. That bar would tear right off the first time he hit something with it; but let's face it: a nice new truck like that one was never going to be taken off road in the first place. It was lifted only for show: Lookit me! I got a rough and tough off-road truck! I'm massive! I'm cool! *sigh* He probably slowed down to a crawl for railroad crossings, too.

As for the Jeep on Extreme 4x4, the stated reason for doing all this was to make something that's not just like every other 4x4 out there--but if that's so, then these axles are FAIL, because they're only slightly different than everything else that's out there.

4x4s which are used for actual off-roading all have solid axles for one reason: they work. They work and they don't break easily. That's why--when you look at off-road rigs--they all "look the same". Form follows function; you're not going to use a crystal chandelier for off-road lighting.

But, what the hell; they're not wasting any of my money on that nonsense. And it's kind of interesting.

* * *

So the Powerblock is soliciting stories from people who have cars which need to be gone over. Basically it's a "Tell us why you deserve to have your car fixed!" contest; they'll read the stories the viewers send in, and pick one. That person will get his car back with tens of thousands of dollars' worth of repairs, improvements, and customization.

The winner will be a commonly-accepted motorhead ride; it won't be a Fiero or Honda or whatever. So if you've got a Mustang or Camaro or something sitting in your garage, go look up the Powerblock web site for entry details.


* * *

Well, those groceries are not going to buy themselves. I guess I need to clean up and look like a member of civilization, and then go shopping. Such a stimulating life I lead.

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