atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#237: Neverwinter Nights update

Having finished the game, I have to say, "WTF??"

In rapid order I had to fight:

  • a dragon
  • another dragon
  • a balor-dragon hybrid
  • the blackguard Lady Aribeth
  • the bad guy, Maugrim
  • TWO dragons at once
  • Morag, the big baddy

In order to kill the first dragon, I had to spend 110,000 gold on healing and offensive magic items and it took a very long time to kill him.

There were also times when I would run into pairs of fire giants, and such encounters invariably led to me being presented with the "respawn, load, or quit" screen.

So, this is my complaint about NwN: about 80% of the game was "just right", but when it got near the end suddenly the monsters got a lot harder to beat--almost impossible, in fact.

The other complaint is that--for a half-hour of actual time fighting the first dragon, God knows how many game rounds, and 110,000 gold spent on supplies and such--I got a measly 450 experience points (EP) once the dragon was dead. A little later on I killed a drow (dark elf) wizard--which was a lot easier to kill than the dragon was!--and got 200 EP for it. I got 100 EP just for rescuing someone from a dungeon!

Unlocking a door is worth 25% of the EP of killing a dragon? I think Bob Herzog said it best when he said, "Those experience point tables are whacked!"

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