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#2369: Fanfic and other nonsense

Well, I just finished writing my way through Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody. Since Jim doesn't travel back in time with Mikuru and Kyon, that cut most of the story right out.

Generally speaking I'm following the story pretty closely and--most of the time--just telling it from Jim's viewpoint. I occasionally have him add comments or wisecracks to the dialogue, but for the most part he's a quiet guy and doesn't interrupt.

That will change in Endless Eight, though, because he's smart enough to think of some things that the others did not.

Example: "Yuki, if we reset again on the 31st and we do it all over again, give me a call on the 17th and tell me what's going on. Maybe if I have a head start I can catch a hint about what we're missing."

Right now I plan to write two (perhaps three) iterations. The first will go about the way the third ep of the second season of anime does. The second iteration will feature the results of Jim having asked Yuki to tell him right away. Depending on how plucky I feel, either this will be the last repetition or it'll showcase the failure of Jim's idea. Probably the latter, because one of the main rules of this fanfic is that Jim's actions don't change the plot; so it'll probably the penultimate iteration, and then I'll give a quick rundown of the end of the loop rather than go through the entire weary story again.

Oh: "Since the story is written in first person, how can Jim tell the story this way?" He writes it down and asks Yuki to remember it.

* * *

Well, I'm kind of annoyed about this: I tried watching the Patlabor movies--torrented from BakaBT--but they don't play correctly. The sound cuts out for several seconds at a time, approximately at random. The video continues to play but the sound just dies, then comes back.

I am reasoning that it's because the files are so damn big. They're 8.3 gig each; that's why I couldn't back them up to the external drive, and I bet there's something wrong with the way Windows is handling the data streams.

I suppose I could try transcoding them to some other format. *sigh* I could also try upgrading the codec pack and see if that helps.

WTF, do they have to be that damn big? Somehow I doubt it.

* * *

So it's October 26th now, it's 12:20 AM, and I'm sitting here without a shirt on because it's hot in here. Both windows wide open, nice breeze blowing, and it's hot in here. WTF.

Ah, but it's nice just to sit here and hear the wind blowing through the leaves.

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