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#2375: A haircut and other frustrations

Mom had an extended appointment with the eye doc--the one which takes two hours for a simple checkup--so I planned in advance to get my hair cut today.

They were slammed today, at SuperCuts, so I had to wait. No biggie; I had a book and calling ahead kept my wait time to a reasonable level.

Hit Borders for manga; I picked up vols 6&7 of the Haruhi manga, vols 5&6 of Bamboo Blade, and vol 1 of Lovely Complex. $40 after tax with the coupon I'd printed out. Heh.

Hit Wendy's for food; then drove back to the clinic, parked, ate, and read.

4.5 hours after leaving, we finally got home. *sigh*

And Mom's got more appointments next week.

* * *

My hair is cut short again. Even shorter than last time, or the time before. I mean damn short. Not "crew cut" short, but close.

The hair on top of my head isn't 2" long. That short. Short enough that it really doesn't look all that good to me; but I can't make myself care enough about it to be upset.

WTF: I'm not meeting any women these days, and even if I were, I'm unemployed and live with my Mother and watch Japanese cartoons and play World of freaking Warcraft. Mating chance: Lim 0.

I've have to invent an entirely new branch of mathematics to describe how utterly nonexistent are my chances of finding a girlfriend right now. To borrow an expression, I'd have to invent an entirely new language, and then use all its words to describe the vanishingly small probability that there is a woman somewhere on this planet who would both be attractive to me and attracted to me under the present circumstances.

Yeah. So having a hairstyle I'm not entirely happy with ain't gonna amount to a hill of beans.

* * *

This is a good thing for the long term exploration fo space but I still want NASA to have a budget for going back to the moon, damn it.

* * *

More horseshit from the idiots at Arse Technica about SSDs, "solid state drives", and how they should be used. As in, "Solid state drives shouldn't be user-accessible."

The article assumes that SSDs will remain hideously expensive approximately forever. That ain't so.

#1) The more they are adopted, the cheaper they will become.

#2) New technology is being developed all the time. the latter case I'd point to the invention of memristors.

The big problem with SSDs as they exist now is one of data density: a FLASH RAM IC of a given size just cannot store as many bits as can be stored in an equivalent area of magnetic domains on a hard disk. The area occupied just by the silicon chip inside the typical SD card stores 2 or 4 GB in FLASH format, but around 32 GB in a modern hard drive.

Memristors, it is thought, can be used to make nonvolatile solid-state storage which approaches the density of hard drives. So if the industry can get its hands on mass-produced ICs which store 400 gigabits per square centimeter, guess what happens to the prices of SSDs?

Perhaps this chucklehead was only talking about the short term; I don't know. What I do know is that if I'm going to have super-expensive storage in my computer, I want full control over what is stored on it. I don't want to tell the OS that certain files require high-speed access and hope the OS deigns to listen to my preferences; I want to be able to put those files on there and know they are there.

* * *

Here's the big story of the day: explosive devices found on cargo jets.

Of course your first thought is, "WTF, you won't kill many people that way." You won't; but what you will do is cause another total halt to all air traffic in the US while everything is swept for more bombs. The last time we had to do that it was an economic disaster.

Also, having planes blow up approximately at random and drop from the skies won't do any good for whoever happens to be underneath. Casualties aren't the objective; they're the means. Terror and disruption are the objective, making your enemy dance to your tune.

(See also "TSA".)

It points out that we are still in danger of attacks perpetrated by islamic terrorists. The election of Obama has not magically made the terrorists stop wanting to see us all dead and/or subjugated under islamic law.

* * *

By the way, that "time traveler" thing? Turns out the woman in question had a hearing aid, 1928-style.

Yeah. That makes sense.

* * *

Advice Goddes talks about how ObamaCare will stifle job creation. Big surprise here!, actually not.

* * *

Charlie Rangel is trying to reinstate the draft...again. He introduced a few bills during the Bush presidency to reinstate the draft, primarily so the Democrats would be able to demagogue the issue; now he's trying to give Obama his "Obama Youth Corps".


* * *

I agree; a lot of airport security is redundant. But once the TSA personnell are allowed to unionize we will never be rid of it.

The Democrat leadership and Big Labor don't care; they're not subject to airport security anyway.

* * *

How do you like this? If someone uses your social security number illegally, it's not illegal.

Impeach that judge now.

* * *

There were a massive number of idiots on the road today.

* * *

As far as I can tell, Exchange Street is finished; yet it's still closed. They put the final skin coat of asphalt on the thing earlier this week, and it for damn sure ought to have cured by now; so why the fuck is the street still closed?

* * *

I've been in a bad mood all day. I think I'll have a snack and go to bed. Screw this.

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