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#2376: Haruhi manga blurb vol 6 before taking a nap this evening, and the very last page said that vol 7 (which I bought today) has the beginning of the "Disappearance" arc. Are you shitting me? Am I finally going to get to see what happens?

(Or at least the beginning of it?)

The Lovely Complex manga is pretty good stuff. I can see spots where the anime cut a few minor story corners--oh well. On balance I like the artwork, though the artist (Aya Nakahara) tends to draw her guys a bit too girly for my taste.

I don't mean bishounen girly, either. A bishounen, he can wear girls' clothing and not raise any eyebrows because it's not obvious he's a guy in girls' clothing. (There's such a character later in the series--a guy named Seishiro who calls himself Seiko.) The way Nakahara draws Ootani, half the time, you want to ask, "Mommy, why is that woman wearing boy's clothing?"

Still: it's a damned good story, and I loved the anime, and I really like the first volume of manga; I'm looking forward to buying more of it.

* * *

Dissent from the eco-nazi party line will not be tolerated. Remember: environment science isn't about science.

* * *

Gawker Media's story about Christine O'Donnell's wanton night of non-lust is stirring up a whole mess of trouble.

The story backfired: the liberal media isn't running with it, and plenty of people on that side have come out on the side of showing substantial disdain for "Anonymous". Even better, "Anonymous" has now been outed, and the guy he borrowed the Boy Scout uniform from is being pulled into the mess.

I hope that the latter individual doesn't lose his job over this. It's not his fault he was friends with a douchebag. (Unless the organization has strict rules against its employees loaning out their uniforms, in which case he should have known better.)

* * *

I laughed out loud at this.

...just now I watched it again with the sound on, and laughed even harder. There is just something incredibly hilarious about that level of concentrated stupidity. When someone--doing something stupid--falls over with a THUD, and then a few moments after the big noise you hear the sounds of smaller objects hitting the floor, it's just damned funny.

Funnier: when the THUD comes during the part of the song where the idiot singer is singing, "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM".

I'd ask, "What was going through her mind?" except that I don't think she has one.

* * *

One of the most outrageously funny videos I ever saw was on America's Funniest Home Videos, and it won the $10k, and it was a cat video.

In the shot, we see a cat sleeping atop a television set. (I chuckled as soon as I finished typing that sentence--I pictured what comes next.) The cat lays there, sleeping peacefully, and then YOINGG! one of its hind legs jerks out from under it. The cat, still mostly asleep, falls off the TV set like a sack of oats.

Apparently this happened a lot, which is why they were able to videotape it. Obviously the half-somnolent drop to the floor didn't bother the cat, because he kept sleeping up there.

* * *

Why didn't I get my hair cut like this in July? Why wait until it's almost November?

* * *

Volume 284,993 in the continuing series, "How anime screwed me up":

In Kimagure Orange Road, Kyousuke (the main character) falls in with these two clowns Hatta and Komatsu. And one of the first things they teach Kyousuke about his new school is the Legendary Cutlet Sandwich. ("Kutoreeto Sando!")

The LCS is highly prized by the students of that particular school, and the lunch counter only ever has a limited number of them per day, and they sell out fast. Getting one is an event.

The "cutlet sandwich" is a breaded and deep-fried piece of pork, on bread, with various condiments. And a year or three ago I started privately calling the McRib the "cutlet sando" because--let's face it--that's what it is: a really tasty pork sandwich that's in limited supply.

* * *

Man: I forgot Smallville was on last week, and this week I just let the VCR tape it, as I did the week prior to last week and never watched. So I haven't watched that show since 10/8. Shit.

Well? It's hard to remember the show is on when I'm not getting to see Allison Mack every week. Damn it.

* * *

Last night, Remmyton hit 32nd level before I hit the hay. When I got up this morning, it was only due to hydraulic pressure, but the time was about right anyway for Mom's appointment. Once we got home, and after I'd read for a little while, I just went to bed and slept for three hours.

Guess I'll go back to my reading.

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