atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2378: My neck hurts

I stretched, something in my left shoulder/upper back area went spoing!, and now I'm in pain. Argh etc.

* * *

Candy used to come in waxed paper containers. Remember that? It's a hell of a thing when plastic is cheaper than paper.

Ah, I suppose the plastic keeps the candy fresh longer, though. But it's harder to open; I just had to use a pair of scissors to open a fun-size pouch of Reese's Pieces.

...a thousand years from now, organic chemists are going to be mining the landfills for candy wrappers and shampoo bottles. There'll probably be battles over them, fought by archaeologists and chemists.

* * *

If the Sunday-only comic strip Foxtrot is to be believed, George Lucas plans to re-release all his Star Wars movies in 3-D versions.


In some ways it's a perfect example of the total creative bankruptcy of Hollywood. In others, it's a perfect example of milking a cash cow. Unfortunately, the endless parade of modifications and re-releases will only end once people stop buying the crap, and there is absolutely no sign of that happening.

Star Wars is a victim of its own success. Whatever positive qualities the series had were crushed out of existence by the time Lucas got around to making the prequels, and the man himself has demonstrated that he's not the writer he thinks he is simply by virtue of having complete creative control of said prequels.

Originally, the series was meant to be a nine-movie epic, a series of three trilogies. The one constant to the entire series was to be C-3PO and R2-D2; they were supposed to be witness to the entire grand thing.

We got to see the middle trilogy first; then there was a pause of a decade or so before Lucas got around to extruding the first trilogy. Sometime during the pause, Lucas decided he wouldn't bother with the last trilogy of the thing, and that the first two cycles could stand on their own.

Which is just as well.

Still, I think I'd prefer that he work on three more crappy Star Wars movies than continually modify and revamp and process and crap out new versions of Star Wars.

I don't even have DVDs of the original cycle--that's how bad this crap is. I have the VHS box set of the "enhanced" versions, but I've watched it once since I bought it in the 1990s. I've never even been mildly interested in picking up any of the DVD releases of the original cycle, because I wouldn't watch it anyway.

Of course it costs Lucas considerably less to sit on his laurels and deal with reissues than it would for him to go make three more movies. And the legion of die-hard SW fans ensures that plenty of people will go out and buy the 3D versions just to have complete collections, even though they already know the movies so well they could recite them cold with 100% accuracy.


* * *

I had this dream that I found myself in the future, and was fiddling with a friend's computer. I asked, "Computer, did they ever find the Higgs boson?"

The computer's reply started with this and that, and then it mentioned something in passing about how the research enabled the discovery that [commonly-known particle] turned out to be the mediating particle for inertia, before going on to discussing the science behind the Higgs Boson.

I didn't quite hear what it said, because someone said something to me, so I was desperately trying to get the computer to back up and repeat the bit about the particle mediating inertia...and woke up.

My friend's apartment was somewhere near 35,000 feet above ground. The trip up in the elevator had taken seconds and had happened without me sensing any motion. That society had commonly-available inertia control (at least, and probably gravity control as well) and the mechanism for it had turned out to be egregiously simple. *sigh*

Of course, the information I didn't quite hear was probably complete nonsense. That's why my subconscious made sure I didn't actually hear it: the information would have made me reject the dream entirely: That's crap!

Well, the frustration woke me up, anyway.

* * *

It makes sense, though, if you think about it: if the Higgs Boson is what makes matter "massy", then of course research into it could reveal something about the nature of inertia and how to control it. No?

But it looks like I'm not going to get any Nobel Prize for physics this year. *sigh*

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