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#2383: Now is not the time for compromise.

Because when a Democrat loses big and then starts talking about compromise, he means that Republicans shouldn't govern as if they won.

Hey, Democrats? "Elections mean things. We won."

Harry Reid--who desperately managed to cling to power--says, "I wish the Republicans had worked with us when we did the healthcare bill."

The GOP probably would have if you had been willing to compromise THEN. But the Democrats insisted: "Our way or the highway! WE WON! You can vote for what we come up with, or not, but if you were truly bipartisan you'd vote for ObamaCare, and it's your fault if it doesn't pass!"

Obama wants to meet with the Republican leadership over the next few weeks in search of common ground. If the Republican leadership doesn't say, "Elections mean things. We won," they're spineless twits.

Michelle Malkin says, "Take your olive branch and shove it, Democrats." I couldn't agree more.

She reminds us what Obama said of Republicans only a scant week or so ago: "We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back."

Darrell Issa: WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Bad congressman! No biscuit! "My job is to make the President a success." Idiot! Are you sure you checked the right box on the election form? You say you're a Republican but you sure don't sound like one.

* * *

Exchange street has reopened, just this afternoon. Finally.

* * *

Fed is buying more debt. $600 billion worth, in fact.

Seems they're trying to do it quietly.

Way to go, Fed. Monetize the debt. That only leads to massive inflation every time its tried. Here's a hint: you're not smart enough to prevent the inflation that comes with monetizing debt. No one is, so don't try.

* * *

At least there's plenty of venison around for when the groceries stop flowing. I've got a couple hunting rifles and enough bullets to take down a herd. If someone wants to clean the carcasses for me, we can split the take.

Ignoring the issue of property damage caused by deer, look solely at the health of the herd: if you have too many animals, disease begins to prosper and the health of the herd declines.

Deer are prey animals. That's their ecological niche; nature intended for their numbers to be limited by predation. If their numbers aren't limited by predation, the herd gets too big and nature has to use other methods to keep 'em in check. Then you have diseased deer all over the damn place, and that's bad for everyone--the deer, us, the natural predators, our cars, etc.

It's really better for all concerned if we humans take the place of the predators we displaced (wolves, mainly) and eat the deer ourselves. Besides, venison is tasty. We can manage and maintain the deer population at a healthy level with hunting seasons and permits, the same way we've been doing for a long time, now. The deer get to live well, we get to eat well, everyone's happy.

* * *

Consumer Reports sez that stability control is an essential safety feature.

O GOD how did we ever survive without stability control in our cars? Without air bags and antilock brakes? Lord help me! None of my cars has antilock brakes or side-curtain air bags or stability control! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO????

That magazine is full of shit, and it always has been.

* * *

To my surprise, Mark Kirk won. Also to my surprise, Kinzinger won. Pat Quinn probably (only "probably") won the gubernatorial election, but the outcome is close enough that it'll remain in question until the Democrats finish printing ballots the absentee ballots are counted.

But the outcome of the gubernatorial race really doesn't matter, since Mike Madigan and Richard Daley--the guys at the top of the Illinois Democrat Machine--are the guys who really call the shots in Illinois. The post of governor in this state is largely ceremonial.

Blagojevich was crooked, but if he had simply toed the line instead of thinking he could actually govern he'd still be governor now. He got it into his head that he would get to pick the person appointed to fill Obama's Senate seat, you see, and benefit from the choice. Well, he did; but it cost him his office.

Last night around 11:30 there was one county in IL which had not finished counting its ballots: Schuyler County, population about 7,000. At that point I realized it was over, because Kirk had a 70,000 vote lead over Ginnouliar, and there was no way in frickin' hell that county could affect the outcome of the race, even if everyone living there were of voting age and they all voted Democrat.

I was also pleased to see that Iowa re-elected Chuck Grassley; and they re-elected Branstad to be governor again. Branstad was defeated by Tom Nutsack Vilsack; now he's back. Hopefully he'll restore some fiscal sanity to Iowa. Nutsack took a $1 billion budget surplus and turned it into a $1 billion deficit in a matter of a year or so. Now Nutsack is Obama's Sec'y of Agriculture; as far as I'm concerned, Obama can keep him.

* * *

Anyway, now it's November.

I was looking at the Fungus posts from March onward, trying to remember some things, and was startled at some of the things I talked about: That was in March? What? Seems like a lot of them were just a couple weeks ago. Dang, this year has flown past.

* * *

So a few weeks ago, I see that Darius Rucker has come out with a new album.

Eh? "Who the hell is Darius Rucker?" He's "Hootie". Of "Hootie and the Blowfish".

*sigh* The black guy. Yeah.

...several years after the success of their album "Cracked Rear View"--about eleven or so, now that I think of it--Rucker re-released some remixes of the H&BF hits which were crap.

Anyway, I saw that he's got a new album, and all I could think of was a couplet sung to the tune of H&BF's biggest hit, "Only Wanna Be With You":
You look at me, you got nothin' else to say
I'm only in this band to hide that I am gay
...and then I simply could not stop laughing.

* * *

I have no idea what Darius Rucker's sexual orientation is, nor do I care. It's just a freakin' joke for crying out loud.

* * *

I have that album somewhere. I haven't listened to it since 1997.

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